Supa Phresh: Coupon Cannon

Join the fun in the Supa Phresh: Coupon Cannon game, where quick moves keep the store buzzing! Fire coupons, outwit customers, and save the day.

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About Supa Phresh: Coupon Cannon Game

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Welcome to Supa Phresh: Coupon Cannon, a thrilling game where your quick thinking and sharp shooting can save the day! Imagine a bustling grocery store filled with lively characters trying to reach the checkout line. But here's the twist - you're in charge of keeping them shopping with your awesome coupon cannon!

In your mission, you'll find yourself behind the mighty cannon, armed with an array of special coupons. Your goal? Fire these coupons at the customers - like the speedy Tomato, the cuddly Green Bear, or the crunchy Carrot - to keep them in the store. It's a race against time and checkout lines, where your skills can make all the difference!

How to Play

You've got simple controls to master in this game. Here they are:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Move your cannon left and right.
- Spacebar: Fire coupons.
- B: Switch ammo type.  

Your store has three lanes, and customers will come in waves, each trying to escape through these lanes. If a customer reaches the chain at the end of a lane, they'll break it! And if a second customer reaches the end of that same lane... oh no, game over!

Each customer type needs a different number of coupon hits before they start shopping again. The Carrot is easy, just one coupon hit. The Tomato needs two, but watch out for the Green Bear - he needs five hits!

There are three types of ammo to help you out: Regular Coupons, Cold Cuts (which freeze customers in their tracks!), and Hot Deals (super powerful, one-shot wonders). Keep an eye out for ammo boxes and a special green can power-up that speeds up your cannon!

There's more you should know!

As you progress, the waves of customers will grow bigger and faster, making your task increasingly harder.

Here are some tips:
- Aim for the Green Bears first since they need the most hits.
- Keep switching between ammo types depending on the situation.
- Grab those power-ups quickly - they can be game-changers!

This fun-filled challenge will test your reflexes, strategy, and ability to adapt under pressure. Can you keep the customers happy and the store bustling? Jump in and give it a try - let's see how many waves you can conquer!