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Storm the House 3: Let's Tri This Again game takes defense to the next level! Dive into epic battles with new towers, modes, and thrilling challenges.

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About Storm the House 3 Game

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Hey there, brave defender! Ready for a new adventure? Welcome to Storm the House 3: Let's Tri This Again game! If you thought the last one was cool, just wait till you dive into this upgraded adventure.

Your mission? Well, it's the same fun challenge! Protect your stronghold from waves of pesky invaders. But guess what? This time, they've brought more power - from classic stickmen with swords to speedy jeeps, tough tanks, and even fast-flying jets! But you've also got some awesome new tools and pals to help you out.

How to Play

First things first, let's talk controls:

- Mouse: Aim.

- Mouse Click: Shoot.

- Spacebar: Reload.

- P: Pause the game.

- Z / Mousewheel: Switch weapons.

Now, for the juicy stuff. After battling those pesky enemies all day, you'll get a chance to upgrade your weapons. Maybe you want your gun to hold more bullets, shoot straighter, or even reload faster!

And speaking of reloading, your weapon's gotten smarter! Once your bullets run out, it'll start reloading by itself. But if you're impatient, go ahead and reload anytime you want.

And that's not all! You can also shop for shiny new weapons to strengthen your defense. And the coolest new addition? Towers! Place them in their special slots, and they'll help zap, smash, and crash those naughty invaders.

Explore different Game Modes!

The game brings up many ways you can play and defend your base. Let's take a look at all the different minigames!

Remember the good old days? Just like in our past games, this classic mode gives you 100 HP and a trusty gun. Your mission? Defend your base from waves of sneaky attackers for 40 action-packed days!

Capture the Flag
Kick things off with a $70,000 starting budget and 100 HP! Buy all the cool gear to protect your base. But stay sharp! Those cheeky enemies are trying to plant their red flag at your base. How long can you keep them at bay?

This is Sparta
Begin with a whopping $120,000 and 100 HP. Your challenge? Defeat 300 of those pesky invaders. But watch out! They're out to wreck your base, too.

Get ready for a spooky showdown! With 200 HP, a pistol, and a shotgun, you've got to stand your ground. The twist? No shopping or upgrades! Can you fend off the creepy attackers for a whole 3 minutes?

The Entertainer
Music lovers, this one's for you! Shoot those enemies and create a tune with every hit. But there's a catch - the moment one sneaks past, your concert's over. How epic will your song be?

Check out this brand-new mode! You'll soon see lots of Jeeps driven by little stickmen zooming around. Tap a Jeep and watch a big fist from the sky squish it! Squish the green-gray ones to earn $100. But be aware, squishing a red one costs you $100. Can you rack up some serious cash in just a minute?

Have you ever wanted to tweak the game rules? Here's your playground! Start with 600 HP, then pick your cash, days, and even your attackers. It's your game world, and you make the rules! Perfect for practice or just some carefree fun.

Unleash a new Arsenal!

Prepare to be amazed! Storm the House 3 brings you an arsenal of cool and powerful tools to defend your base. Let's check out these exciting new weapons you can add to your collection:

Desert Eagle: This isn't just a gun - it's a statement! More power packed into every shot.

Uzi: Known as the drive-by superstar, this fully automatic pal solves all those tricky situations where semi-automatic just won't cut it.

Combat Shotgun: Whether you're battling zombies or just showing off, everyone agrees: shotguns are a blast! And remember, always choose the best for your battles.

S.CA.R.: This isn't just any rifle. It's accurate, powerful, and a level up from the dainty Uzi.

DA0-12: Imagine the combat shotgun, but even more intense. When it's time for some serious rain, you know what to pick.

Flame Thrower: Got a termite problem? Planning a fun WWII reenactment? Or maybe the baseball game's dragging? Bring out the flame thrower and light up the fun!

Machine Gun: Picture this: Sylvester Stallone mowing down enemies with nothing but his sheer will and this beast of a weapon. Feel the power!

Chainsaw: Yes, you heard right! A chainsaw! How cool is that?

Grenade Launcher:  When you want to send a 'loud' message, launch a grenade. Simple as that.

Space Laser: Have you ever dreamt of zapping enemies from space? This laser, straight from a satellite, turns dreams into reality!

The Quaker: A handheld wonder! Send shockwaves to knock down troops and shake up those pesky vehicles.

Old Glory: This gun's so grand, it's almost too big for the shop. Truly a weapon of legends!

Ready to upgrade and show those invaders who's boss? Dive in and choose your favorite!

Use the Power of Towers!

And now, here's the game-changer! Storm the House 3 introduces an exciting new feature to boost your defenses: Towers! With three special spots in your stronghold ready to be filled, these towers will give you that extra edge in battle. Here's a sneak peek at the mighty towers waiting for you:

Fan Tower: Imagine a huge fan stopping those pesky sword-wielding invaders in their tracks. Cool, right? And oh-so-funny to watch!

Ovake Box: Step aside, regular boxes! The Ovake Box sends out little shakes and quakes that make foot soldiers trip, and armored units take some hits.

Tesla Tower: Ever seen electricity zap? This "Magnificent Wallopping Van De Graaff Machine" zaps out powerful bolts, zinging enemies close by.

Missile Turret: This isn't your everyday firecracker. Watch as it launches heat-seeking missiles, causing an explosion and damaging all nearby foes.

Laser Tower: Meet the M6 Laser Tower. It's not here to play; it fires a powerful energy blast, targeting the toughest baddie on your screen.

Flamer Joe: Who is Flamer Joe? He's your tower buddy who LOVES to set those invaders on fire. Warm welcome, anyone?

Shield Generator: Safety first! This tower creates a protective bubble, lessening the damage your stronghold takes.

With these towers by your side, you're all set to build the ultimate defense and show those invaders what you're made of!

From jeeps to jets, from swords to shields, Storm the House 3 brings a world of action-packed excitement to your fingertips. Do you have what it takes to rise to the challenge? Dive in and let your strategy shine!

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