Stickman Escape School

The Stickman Escape School game challenges you to a quirky escape adventure! Can you make clever choices, outwit the teacher, and find your way out?

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About Stickman Escape School Game

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Stickman Escape School is an adventure game that takes you on a humorous journey of escaping from school. You'll play the role of a student who finds school lessons too boring and decides it's time to make a daring escape. The game is set in a school environment, where your stickman character is looking for a way out of the classroom and, eventually, the school.

Your mission is to find the right items to help you escape. There are various objects you can choose from, but be careful; choosing the wrong one might land you back in class! Your goal is to successfully navigate through the school and escape without getting caught.

How to Play

Playing the game is straightforward. Just use the left mouse button to make choices throughout the game. Whether choosing an item to help you escape or deciding which path to take, a simple click is all it takes to make your move.

In the classroom, you have a box that contains 10 different items. Each item leads to a unique escape scenario. For example, using a key can unlock the door, but you'll have to be quick to avoid the teacher and guard in the hall.

Choosing a knife lets you crawl through ventilation ducts, and a bomb might seem like a bold choice, but it's risky! Other items like a phone, an electric saw, and even a piece of cheese each create different and funny escape stories. 

What else you should know

Each choice you make unfolds a different adventure, and sometimes, within the same story, you get more options leading to various endings. It's all about making the right choices to find the winning solution to escape school.

Are you ready to outsmart the teacher and find your way out? It's a game full of choices, surprises, and fun. See if you can discover all the different ways to escape. Pick your items wisely and start your adventurous escape now!