Chug Patrol Challenge

Help Wilson, Harrison, and Koko exit a maze in the Chug Patrol Challenge game! Pass all the stages, beat the labyrinths, and collect your badges!

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About Chug Patrol Challenge Game

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If you're a fan of Chuggington's funny cast, you have to give the Chug Patrol Challenge game a try! Wilson, Harrison, and Koko are waiting to meet you. They are working hard trying to escape a maze of tracks, and it's your job to help them! Do you have what it takes to get out of the labyrinth?

Just like any adventure game, you have to join your friends and go on a long trip together. Your job is to find a way to get out of the maze on time. It might sound easy, but the road is twisted, and one wrong move can get you lost in a second! Will you help the trains escape this track labyrinth?

How to Play

To begin this challenge, the only tool you're going to need is your mouse! Click on the tracks, control Wilson through the maze, and help him make it out safely. If you're lucky, you will even earn a badge!

Your goal is to finish all four stages and obtain your medals. Only then you'll be able to earn a Chug Patroller Certificate! Watch out because the levels will become more and more difficult as you make progress!

You can play the game on two difficulty settings, either Easy or Hard. You should begin with the Easy mode first and progress to the real challenge once you are ready! You'll meet many obstacles on your way to the finish line, such as wood, rocks, stop signs, and others. Don't give up and keep going!

Once you have explored enough of the maze, the exit will be marked by a bright blue beam of light! From then on, you can just let it guide you as you get closer to finishing each stage. Doesn't sound so difficult, right?

What do you say? The cast of Chuggington needs your help! Join Wilson, Harrison, and Koko and assist them as they try to exit the maze of tracks!