Monkey Mash-Up

Uncover the hidden pictures in the Monkey Kingdom: Monkey Mash-Up game! Swap the scattered pieces and complete the puzzle before your time runs out!

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About Monkey Mash-Up Game

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Are you a fan of Maya, the female toque macaque, and her son Kip? If so, it's time to give the Monkey Kingdom: Monkey Mash-Up game a try and learn more about the cute family! The monkeys are ready to teach you even more facts, but you must complete their challenge first! Are you up for this exciting mission?

This is a classic puzzle game, just without the pieces scattered all over! Your task is to complete each image before your time runs out. However, the challenge isn't that easy because you have to move the pieces in pairs. Improve your strategic thinking and look for the correct positions to unjumble the puzzle!

How to Play

The controls are very intuitive, so don't worry and get started! To swap the pieces between each other, you have to use your mouse and Left-click on them. After you tap on both elements, they will switch places to your chosen positions. Easy as pie, right?

If you manage to find the right place for each piece, they will become colorful. If the elements are still jumbled, they will be greyed out. Remember to pay attention to the complete picture on the right, and follow it as a guide. You will surely be able to find the correct spot for all the pieces!

Remember that you are playing against the clock, so you don't have much time! Luckily, the challenge will start off with small puzzles of 9 pieces. However, as you progress, the missions will become increasingly harder, with 16 elements and more! Just keep practicing, and you will soon be able to uncover all the pictures prepared by Maya!

Are you aiming for a high score? To earn all 3 stars at the end of each level, you have to finish the puzzle as quickly as possible! It's best to swap the pieces repeatedly until you get a match. Keep moving, and don't waste any time, and you can even earn some bonus points!

This challenge contains a wide assortment of cute monkey images that need to be unjumbled! Organize them correctly and stay close to the time limit to earn all the rewards! Maya and her family are ready to teach you all about monkeys, so what are you waiting for?