Witch's Apprentice

Complete your training and become a mage in The Owl House: Witch's Apprentice game! Help Luz finish her master's quests and find all the magical artifacts!

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About Witch's Apprentice Game

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Do you have what it takes to become a magician? If so, give The Owl House: Witch's Apprentice game a try, and help Luz complete all the trials! The girl is learning all about magic from Eda, but she could use a hand to overcome the master's challenges. Are you prepared to travel to a fantastical realm together? 

Your job is to help the protagonist, Luz, finish all of the quests. There are a total of 15 missions prepared by your mentor, which will teach you all about magical creatures and relics. Of course, there will also be obstacles on the way, which you will have to overcome. Will you be able to complete your tasks and return home safely? 

How to Play

Get ready to explore a magical world! To guide your character around, you will have to use your keyboard. Press the Left and Right arrow keys to move, or tap on the Up arrow to jump. You can even dodge incoming attacks by holding the Down key. That sounds very straightforward, right?

To begin each new mission, you have to speak to Eda first. The master witch is always missing an item, which Luz needs to find. Set off on your adventure, and make your way throughout the map by jumping over barrels and avoiding obstacles. If you can stay safe until the end, you will surely find the lost treasures.

For every job you take on, you will have 4 yellow potions, which act as your lives. Each time your character gets hit by an enemy or falls down, you will lose half a potion. Remember to watch out because you wouldn't want to fail your quest! Luckily, as you travel, you can pick up some extra potions and restore your health.

What else you should know

As you complete Eda's quests, she will reward you with some useful items. These include Winged Shoes, Plant Ladder Seeds, the Snaggleback Shell, and others. Take these magical objects along on your missions, and you will overcome them easily! This way, you can gain great advantages such as jumping higher than usual or climbing to upper levels.

After you return back to your room, you can unlock your chest. Use it to begin other missions, and find numerous hidden relics! However, keep in mind that you won't know where the challenges take you, so always be prepared for battle! Only the strongest witches get to own the magical artifacts, after all.

It's time to head out! Luz is counting on you to help her overcome all of Eda's quests. Join her through the witch training, and step into a magical world!