Vampire Cat Attack

Help a kitten find his owner in the Frankenweenie: Vampire Cat Attack game! Guide him through the city, scare off your enemies and stay out of the light!

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About Vampire Cat Attack Game

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The fluffy Mr. Whiskers has turned into a scary creature in the Frankenweenie: Vampire Cat Attack game! Now that Weird Girl's pet has turned into a villain, he must return to his owner. Even so, the way back won't be so easy because it's creepy and full of obstacles. Can you help your friend reach his master safely?

The aim of this game is to guide Vampire Cat through New Holland while avoiding obstacles. To unlock new areas of the city, your buddy must scare as many citizens as he can! However, bright lights can hurt the mischievous kitten, so you must stay away from them at all costs! Are you confident that you can survive this dangerous adventure?

How to Play

Before you head off on your quest, it's important to understand the basics. To guide Vampire Cat through each area, you will need to use your mouse. Just drag it across the screen, and your character will follow your every move! That doesn't seem so difficult, right?

Before you can make your way towards Weird Girl, you must navigate six different parts of the city. Whether it's the School, the Pet Cemetery, or Victor's Street, each location is full of dangers, so you have to stay safe! Luckily there is no time limit, so you don't need to rush. Just take your time, wait for the lights to turn off, then continue your journey.

It's important to keep an eye out for enemies if you want to reach the cat's owner. Mr. Burgemeister, Sparky, or the Were-Rat are all going on a rampage, and they're aiming for you! If possible, try to stay far away from their reach; if you get too close, they will quickly drain your energy. If this happens, you will have to restart the current stage from the beginning.

What else you should know

The prankish kitten is scared of the sun, just like a vampire. However, you can help him last as long as possible by recharging. Just watch out for the light switches, then tap on them to regain some energy. After that, your friend will be good as new! 

Are you aiming for a high score? If so, try to be as scary as possible! Fly over people's heads to spook them, gather rats, or throw rocks at your enemies. Play all kinds of tricks on the citizens of New Holland and earn as many points as you can!

It's time to help Vampire Cat with his mission! Travel across town, scare off your enemies, and reach Weird Girl safely!