Webster High StudA.N.T.

Try the Webster High StudA.N.T. game to join Chyna and enter the Advanced Natural Talents program. Can you last a whole week completing all the activities?

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About Webster High StudA.N.T. Game

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Try out for the Advanced Natural Talents program in the Webster High StudA.N.T. game! Join Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher to let them give you a tour around the high school. However, not everyone is as friendly as they are! Do you think you can manage the day of a high schooler?

Your job is to go through an entire week at Webster High! The first days are always hard, but you will quickly get used to everything. Also, you can try out many activities held in the high school! Aren't you excited to check them all out? Let's hurry and get started!

How to Play

There are many things to explore around Webster High, but before you start, you need to learn the controls! Here is everything you need:

 - Arrow Keys: Walk around the place.

 - Spacebar: Open and close the objectives tab.

 - Mouse: Clear tasks.

Becoming a member of the Advanced Natural Talents program takes a lot of effort, and you will need to clear out many tasks one day at a time! For example:

 - Play Musical notes in Chyna's music club.

 - Help Fletcher with his Art club by completing the Art puzzle and other challenges.

 - Help Olive build robots, repair her solar-powered light and check out the rest of her inventions!

Having this many activities requires a lot of time! You have to pay attention to your timer. The day will be over when it runs out!

What else you should know

However, you can always gain more time by grabbing the hall passes. You will never have to worry about time if you can pick up all of them!

Lastly, watch out for Lexi and her friends! Those girls are always up for no good. You will have to restart from the last checkpoint if they catch you. You can easily recognize them because they have a glowing red aura around them. Just make sure you don't get caught!

Are you ready to see what Webster High has in stock for you? Let's start the action and see if you can become a member of the Advanced Natural Talents program. Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher can't wait to see how you perform!