Cluck N' Chuck

School's out, and the hangout is ready in the Crash & Bernstein: Cluck N' Chuck game! Help Wyatt and Crash defeat the enemy base and protect their spot!

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Can you protect the new hangout in the Crash & Bernstein: Cluck N' Chuck game? School is out for the day, and it's time to have some fun. However, the protagonists came home to an annoying surprise. The high school rivals are taking over, and Wyatt and Crash have to drive them away!

This kind of activity can be dangerous! You have to keep the boys safe and make sure their base doesn't get damaged. Charge your cannon, aim, and score! The enemies surely won't know what hit them!

How to Play

Get ready for an adrenaline rush! Grab your mouse and chase off the enemies. Aim towards the rival base, click and hold. Once your cannon is charged, it's time to attack!

Hit the rival team's side and collect the coins to earn points. If you aim too high up, you might throw your ball too far away. If your rubber chicken cannon isn't charged enough, you might accidentally hit your base. Just remember to use as few tries as possible to make sure you earn a high score!

The goal is to hit the other hangout five times and destroy your enemy's base. Keep an eye on your health bar, and make sure it doesn't get depleted! If the opponents hit you first, you will lose the challenge! Keep in mind that you can also damage your base if you don't aim correctly!

There are three stages for you to try, and they will become increasingly more difficult. Keep an eye out for any obstacles, and do your best to aim at the right angle! If your hit is powerful enough, you can even take down the objects in your way.

What are you waiting for? Wyatt and Crash need your help to protect their hangout spot! Can you drive the high school kids away?