Airi's Exciting Cooking

🎂 Bake a perfect birthday cake in Airi's Exciting Cooking game! Can you help Airi follow all the recipe steps? Enjoy the cooking adventure!

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About Airi's Exciting Cooking Game

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In Airi's Exciting Cooking game, it's time for a special celebration, and Airi is ready to make a birthday cake all by herself for everyone to enjoy. This game takes you into a colorful kitchen where baking and decorating become a fun adventure. Airi is excited and eager to see if she can create a delicious cake, but she needs a little help from you to make it just perfect.

Your job is to assist Airi in every step of the cake-making process. From mixing the batter to baking the sponge and finally decorating it beautifully, your role is to make sure each part of the cake looks and tastes amazing. It's all about following the steps correctly and adding your creative touch to the decoration.

How to Play

The game is controlled entirely with your mouse. You'll use it to stir the cake batter, bake the sponge, and decorate the cake. Just pay attention to how you move and click the mouse to get the right results.

First, you'll make the cake batter. To do this, you'll have to stir the flour and eggs together. Just move the mouse along the side of the bowl to stir. But keep an eye on the remaining time – you must stir enough times before the timer runs out.

Next, it's time to bake the sponge. You'll watch the cake batter in the oven, and when it matches the color of the example sponge, you need to press the stop button.

The final step is decorating the cake. Following the example, you'll use the mouse to apply fresh cream and place strawberries. Getting the size and placement right is crucial – eight pieces of cream and eight strawberries in total. Lastly, you can add some chocolate for the final touch.

The cake must look the same as the model to be a success. If it's different, it's considered a failure.

Ready to put on your chef's hat and help Airi make the best birthday cake ever? Let's get baking!

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