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Try Papa's Wingeria game and cook the most delicious chicken wings in Starlight City! Can you win the hearts of your clients and run a successful business?

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Get ready for a new time-management challenge with Papa's Wingeria game! You must have heard about this famous franchise and its compelling games by now. This time you'll be cooking some of the best savory treats you can think of: chicken wings.

However, you'll soon find that cooking the perfect meal can be difficult, especially when dealing with many orders at the same time. Can you satisfy the taste of even the pickiest customers?

Welcome to Starlight City! You start as a novice who wins a fantastic prize: a trip to a resort known for gambling and fun. Here, you accidentally win a prize: Papa's hot wing joint. Are you ready to start a new job as a restaurant owner and cook? The success of this business is in your hands!

How to Play

Start by picking a character! You can choose between Chuck, Mandy, or a customized avatar. Isn't it cool that you can select a facial expression, a hairstyle, and even accessories? Moreover, you can also earn some cool clothes while playing.

Next, it's time for your training! Use your mouse to switch between the four stations, then click and drag to perform all the steps of preparing some delightful chicken wings. Make sure you move with precision! Any mistake will make your customer unsatisfied and decrease your profit.

The first step is to write down what your customer wants. Take note of each element and add them to the dish in the right order! Next, let's move on to the Frying Station, where you will need to select the right number of wings and leave them in the deep fryer until they are properly cooked. Don't burn them while you are multi-tasking!

There's more you should know!

The last steps of a successful order are adding the sauce and the toppings. Can you make a pretty platter? Your customers will judge the contents and the aspect of their order. Based on that, they will give you a tip and even some game tickets that you can use at the end of the day. Can you keep them satisfied and rise in the ranks?

Working at Papa's Wingeria can turn out to be quite stressful! Thankfully, you can wind down and win some nice prizes with Foodini's mini-games. Enjoy cool challenges like the Burgerzilla and win cool decorations for the shop! They will keep your customers more satisfied while they wait.

As you become better at your job, your salary will increase, and you will earn more tips from the customers. Invest wisely in new devices for the shop, like alarms and new tools! This way, your shop will be the best one in town in no time.

However, you'll need to win the loyalty of your customers first! Are you ready for a new adventure with Papa?


Can you play Papa's Wingeria without Flash?

Yes, you can still play Wingeria on our website using any browser.