Papa's Donuteria

Master the art of the most popular desert in Papa's Donuteria game! Shape, fry, and decorate each donut by hand, then serve them while they are fresh!

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Working against the clock is the phrase of the day in Papa's Donuteria game. Customers are continually going in and out of the shop in a frenzy. But it is your job to make sure their faces are happy as they leave. Frowning on a client's face is not allowed by Papa's policy!

In this game, you should aim to satisfy each customer by preparing some delicious donuts. Because this is an excellent restaurant, everyone can customize their order. You must build the donut of their dreams and serve them while they are fresh.

Even though it doesn't necessarily seem so, preparing a donut requires quite a few steps. You need proper employees to do that. That's why you begin this game by picking your character. Later on, you can customize them a little to fit your taste and style.

How to Play

When you feel ready to start, you can take your first order. You must go to the Order Station and then select a customer to see what they wish to get. As they tell you their request, a list will appear on the left with the kind of customized donuts they want. Study them with great care! 

The next step in making donuts is shaping them. This is the magical moment when a dollop of dough is transformed into a tasty shape. Click on the Dough Station button to go to the place where the magic happens. There you will have to pick the type of dough and the shape. Always make sure that you are following the recipe!

Further on, the food has to go through the Frying Station to become edible. Here you will learn how to deep fry the donuts until they are nice and golden. You should begin by dropping them into their hot oil bath and watch the timer while they cook. When the little circle turns bright orange, it's time to flip them on o the other side. The process must be repeated until the dot is bright orange all over.

There's more you should know!

The last part of our journey is the Build Station. Here the most difficult parts take place. But before you start that, you have to put the donuts for the first order on a separate tray. Remember to precisely follow the same order that you plan to serve them. Only then can the building truly start.

Brace yourself for what's next! Icing a donut is not so simple! To do it perfectly, you must first ensure that you are correctly positioning the food. The center of the container is the only optimal point. Otherwise, the icing will not cover the food properly, and the client won't be satisfied. 

Finally, you must finish off the donut with some toppings. Consult the recipe once again and see what the requirements are. Drizzle some of them over, and your work of art is done! The client will analyze and rate your work based on how closely you followed the recipe. Time for the next order, then!

You will certainly enjoy this thrilling game! Multitasking will become your favorite word after mastering the art of donuts.


Can you play Papa's Donuteria without Flash?

While the Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported, you can still play Papa's Donuteria on our website using the custom NuMuKi Browser.