Papa's Hot Doggeria

You'll love Papa's Hot Doggeria game if food is your passion! Take the orders and prepare the best hot dogs for your customers by following the recipe!

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The friendly restaurant owner, Papa Louie, is offering you a new job in Papa's Hot Doggeria! More than that, his new place is situated right on the biggest sports arena. That means you can watch the best sports games, even when the tickets are sold out! However, you still have to work in exchange.

As a good employee, you should aim to prepare the highest quality hot dogs and beverages this stadium has ever tasted. If you are up to the challenge, you should stick to this game and see how better you can get! The customers are sure to flood through the doors the minute they know Papa's hot dogs are there.

How to Play

Because each customer is unique, you should expect them to request different dishes every time. Flexibility is a great skill that many people lack at first. However, with a bit of training in this game, you will eventually get a grip on it.

Start by checking the Order Station for new requests. Simply click on a client and write down what they want. The next thing you should do is begin the proper preparations.

At the Grill Station, the hot dogs are being cooked a little, so they are nice and warm for the customers to enjoy. You should be aware that grilling is an exact science. You must not keep them in the heat for too long, or they will get burnt. On the other hand, if you take them out too soon, they will be undercooked. To get the perfectly grilled hot dogs, you ought to glue your eyes onto the Grill Timer! 

Now, the time has come to customize the hot dog according to the client's wishes. In the Building Station, lots of delicious toppings and sauces are waiting to be used. Remember to always check the recipe twice before adding anything. Otherwise, you might end up throwing the food away and start again. Or worse, you might face an angry customer who did not get what they asked for.

The better the looks, the bigger the tips!

A quite important part of preparing food is aesthetics. Even though these might be just hot dogs served at a stadium, Papa still wishes to serve only the best quality food in his restaurants. And his clients expect that too! You should do your best to evenly spread the toppings and sauces over the buns and the meat.

The last stop is the POP Station. Here the finishing touches are added, namely some soda and extra popcorn. Not every customer will want those, but you can rest assured that they are pretty easy to make. Simply click on the preferred beverage and select the size specified on the ticket. You should repeat the exact steps for the popcorn!

Watch out for the Closers! These are very picky customers who seem to be dissatisfied with the food you give them, regardless of how hard you try. You can do your best to impress them, but don't be too disappointed when they still do not appreciate your efforts. Also, don't expect too many tips from them! Their hands don't go too deep into their pockets.

Make Papa proud and deliver quality food to his dear customers. You will be rewarded considerably for your efforts! Good luck!


Can you play Papa's Hot Doggeria without Flash?

Yes, you can still play Papa's Hot Doggeria on our website using any browser.