Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack

Try the Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack game for a thrilling, yet tasty adventure! Can you help Papa save his tenants from dangerous food monsters?

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About Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack Game

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Can you beat the Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack game? If you are familiar with the Papa franchise, you know how addictive their games can be. Now you can experience a platform adventure instead of the usual time-management tests. Aren't you excited to grab a paddle and whack some monstrous-looking ingredients? 

Anybody who knows Papa can be sure that unusual things happen all the time in his restaurant! A friendly free pizza day has turned into a disaster for unknown reasons. Can you rescue your tenants from the terrifying pizza monsters? Collect the boxes and use the pulley to free them from the cage at the end of the level.

How to Play

The game consists of more than 15 challenging levels spread over the four floors of the apartment building. Can you beat them all and reach the boss on the roof? 

Pay attention to the short training at the beginning of the game! You can move Papa by using the Left and Right Arrow Keys. Press the Up Arrow to climb and the Down Arrow to pick up pizza boxes. You can jump and glide by pressing the Space Bar. How do you defeat enemies? You can swing the paddle by pressing the Z key and even throw pepper bombs by pressing X. Keep your eyes on the tutorial to learn some special moves and become a pro!

Are you ready to face your enemies? Somehow, all the pizza and the ingredients have turned into monstrous mutants. Take care of evil onions and tomatoes by swinging your paddle at them or throwing a bomb. However, when it comes to pizzas, you will need to be more cunning. Bounce the balls of cheese that they shoot at you to end them once and for all! However, if you manage to get stuck, keep pressing space to free Papa. 

There's more you should know!

You'll face many unexpected challenges throughout this quirky and colorful game. As you navigate the bridges, platforms, caves, and hills, you should keep an eye out for coins and extra hearts. What is more, you can also look out for bonus points if you think that you're an expert pizza hunter. Can you find them all?

Bombs are one of the most fun features of the game! Sometimes you will find that enemies are hard to reach. Instead of using your paddle, throw a bomb at them! Find this valuable weapon in hidden places on the map or buy them from your shop, using the coins you collect throughout the level. Isn't that cool?

Have you defeated all the pizza monsters? Don't forget to pick up all the boxes along the way! You will need them to use the pulley at the end of each stage and free your tenants. Forgetting just one could get you in big trouble at the end of the level! Can you accomplish this daunting task and help Papa save the day?

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