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Running a fast food restaurant is a piece of cake in Papa's Burgeria game. You get to do everything, from taking the orders to preparing them and seeing the happy faces of your dear customers! Nothing is more rewarding than Papa's food being appreciated. 

The aim of this game is to teach you how to do some quality work under the pressure of time. By the time you mastered this challenge, you will become a real chef, and making burgers will be second nature to you! But remember! Cooking is just like an exact science. There's no room for miscalculation when preparing the dishes!

Delivering good quality food is a messy business. You have to handle lots of different ingredients that can stain. More than that, hungry people are the least patient type, and that means that clumsiness will make even a bigger mess. Let's see how to do this the right way!

How to play the game

Fortunately, you will not get your hands dirty because all you have to use here is your mouse. 

Before getting the cooking done, you have to know what you are making. There are endless varieties of burgers, and each client has their own preferences. So, you should start by getting their orders. This happens in the Order Station part of the restaurant. Simply click on the clients, and you will get a recipe written down. 

Following right up is the fun part. Now you get to properly build the burgers. Click on the Grill Station for the most essential part of the dish, namely the patty. If you had burgers before, and I'm sure you did, you know how important it is that it has been cooked properly. Make sure to grill it evenly on both sides before you start adding the other ingredients.

The last step happens in the Build Station. Here all the other topping come into the spotlight. You have to check the recipe to select and place them in the proper order. Make sure that everything is well secured into place. Otherwise, the client certainly will not be happy! Nobody likes an ugly-looking burger!

When the order is finished up, drag everything onto the tray, including the receipt, and the customer will rate your skills. If you do everything right, you will receive a big tip! 

This game never stops being fun because it seems to always bring something new to the table! Good luck keeping up with the excellent work!

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