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Everybody will love your grilled sandwiches in Papa's Cheeseria game. Follow the recipes to build delicious dishes and serve your loyal customers!

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You will never be too cheesy in Papa's Cheeseria game. There is no better way to get extra pocket money than working in a restaurant serving such delicacies. Fortunately, the owner always looks for fresh workers who share his excitement about cooking!

In this game, you will aim to deliver good quality food at a minimum production time. You will be responsible for preparing each dish according to the recipe. The customers will notice even the slightest detour and will not be very happy about it!

How to Play

To play this game, you will not need any exceptional training in the art of cooking. Your mouse is enough in terms of tools here. Also, you shouldn't worry too much if you're not confident in your experience with food either. You can attend training first.

First things first, as in any other restaurant, you must know how to take an order. Here things are not very complicated. Just go to the Order Station and check whether any customer is waiting to be served. If you spot one, simply click the Take order button to find out what kind of cheese sandwich they are craving.

The next step requires some more attention from you. You must go to the Build Station to pick the basic ingredients for the dish. Here you can select the type of bread, cheese, and fillings! You have to stack them according to the recipe by following the exact order they are mentioned. The closer your food resembles the instructions, the bigger the tips!

Following up on the building part comes the Grill Station. Because nobody likes a basic sandwich, most customers will ask for a golden and crispy crust. You must pay attention not to overcook or even undercook them. 

To see their state of frying, you can always check the meter. Its color has to match the one in the recipe if you are looking to offer a sandwich grilled to a turn.

Always add the side dish!

A sandwich, regardless of how delicious it might be, looks kind of sad by itself on a plate. That's why you should try adding some fries on the side. Papa offers two types of fried potatoes, and the customers seem fond of both! You can prepare them first by deep-frying them, then adding the toppings and sauces.

Even if they might be only some typical potatoes, you must know that customers can be dissatisfied with them too. Forget about adding one topping, and your rating will go down dramatically.

On the same subject, there is a type of most feared customer. They are called Closers and are known to be extremely picky about their food. You should do your best to satisfy their needs, even though they might seem ungrateful. You know the saying, the customer is always right!

Have fun in this culinary experience, and, hopefully, one day, you will get to own your own restaurant!


Can you play Papa's Cheeseria without Flash?

Yes, you can still play Papa's Cheeseria on our website using any browser.