Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack

Have you tried the Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack game? You're in for a thrilling adventure rescuing your clients from a dangerous world of desserts!

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Don't miss the Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack game if you are an adventurer with a sweet tooth! If you have enjoyed the previous Papa's adventures, you'll surely have a blast while playing along in this quirky and engaging adventure. Are you ready to take on the role of a hero once more, battle the evil sweets, and rescue the clients?

As usual, Papa finds himself in a sticky situation! He has organized a fancy cruise, where the main event is a fun gelato party. However, something has gone wrong! Can you believe that everybody on the boat is stuck in a strange land where dangerous desserts roam free?

How to Play

Can you complete all the levels? The eight stages of the game will take you through many interesting and strange lands, such as Neapolitown or the Gummy Grotto. It's so exciting to explore these surreal backgrounds and discover all the secrets and hidden characters! 

Learn how to move around as fast as you can! A cool feature of this game is that you can swim around, as well as walk. To perform either of these actions, use the Arrow Keys. How to get rid of the pesky enemies? You can use your weapon by pressing the Space Bar. However, you can also stun them for a while if you jump or slide through them. Isn't that cool?

Keep in mind that this installment of the series introduces a wide range of different enemies and obstacles! For instance, you will need to unlock the next stage of the game by finding the hidden lever. Look everywhere, from the top of a roof to the bottom of the sea!

What else you should know

There are many exciting things to discover once you get the hang of the controls. Jump, swing, hop, and slide your way to victory! However, make sure that you are as swift as you can if you want to get the time bonus at the end of the level. You also get extra points for the warp keys you collect, as well as the coins. 

By far, the most awesome feature is that you can unlock many characters as you play! Have you ever wanted to embody one of the customers at Papa's restaurant? Each of them has a different special ability and a cool new weapon that you can try out. What is more, you can spend your hard-earned coins on new skins for your heroes. How cool!

Can you fight off killer pineapples or threatening bananas with the help of a tiki torch or a flag? Have you always wanted to take a deep dive in an ocean populated by hostile gummy worms? Try this silly yet compelling game, and you'll find yourself stuck to the keyboard for hours!

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