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Run your own Mexican restaurant in Papa's Taco Mia game. Build customized dishes from scratch and invest in your business with the money you put aside!

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If you are a fan of Mexican food, you will not be able to resist Papa's Taco Mia game. The story behind it is that your character has won a taco-eating contest. As a prize, our lovely owner has offered them a whole Mexican restaurant! There couldn't be a more generous gift other than that! But with such greatness comes a lot of responsibility!

Your aim here is to make Papa Louie proud by delivering the best tacos the world has ever tasted. But to do that, there are some high standards you should follow. The food has to be cooked thoroughly, and it has to look good on the plate too. If you are up to the challenge, let's see what it takes to play this game.

How to Play

Having your way around in this game is not too difficult at all. Your mouse will be all you will need in terms of equipment. The real challenge here lies in the complexity of the food preparation process. There are more stages through which food must go to become a delicious dish.

Before entering the kitchen area, you must know what you should prepare. Each customer has different preferences, and you should ask each of them what they will have. Wait for them to come to you, and then you can click on the Take order button to write down the recipe!

Knowing what is to be prepared, you can now go to where the magic begins! At the Grill Station, you get to pick the type of meat, be it chicken, beef or other. Regardless, all of them must be cooked to a turn. The flesh is very temperature sensitive, and you shouldn't let it cook too long either! Don't forget to flip it so it cooks evenly.

But the grilling was just the beginning! Now it gets even more challenging at the Build Station. Here all the toppings are aligned next to the wide variety of sauces. After another look over the recipe, click on the components to stack them on top of the taco. Move the cursor steadily over it so everything is covered. You should aim to taste every ingredient in each bite!

What else you should know

For each order done properly, you will receive a tip from the customers. The better you nail it, the bigger the tip! The money you put aside can later be used to modernize the restaurant or your character. Get a little reward for your hard work!

Unfortunately, not everyone will be satisfied with your commitment. There is a type of client named Closer. These characters are remarkably picky about their meals. They won't be as generous as the ordinary customers when it comes to tipping!

All in all, mistakes do and will happen. In such situations, you can always start again. Simply throw away the food and then go back to square one. The customer will wait for it a little longer indeed, but at least they will get what they requested in the first place.

You will undoubtedly fall in love with Mexican cuisine before you know it after playing this game for a while! Good luck, and hopefully, your business will thrive with a bit of luck!


Can you play Papa's Taco Mia without Flash?

Yes, you can still play Papa's Taco Mia on our website using any browser.