Airi's Exciting Cooking 2

🍪 Enter a new cooking adventure in Airi's Exciting Cooking 2 game! Ready to follow the steps and bake the perfect batch of star-shaped cookies?

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In Airi's Exciting Cooking 2 game, it's time for another delightful baking adventure with Airi. This time, she's set her sights on baking delicious cookies, and she needs your help to make them just right. The game takes you into the kitchen, where Airi is eagerly waiting to start the cookie-making process. Ready to start mixing, shaping, and baking?

Your job is to assist Airi in creating the perfect batch of cookies. You'll follow a series of steps, from preparing the dough to cutting out cookie shapes and baking them to perfection. You'll have a lot of fun, and your skills will help make these cookies a tasty treat!

How to Play

Whether you're stirring batter, cutting out cookie shapes, or baking them in the oven, every action is done with simple mouse movements.

The first step is to make the dough. You'll stir together eggs and other ingredients to make a smooth batter. Moving the mouse along the side of the bowl, you'll whisk as much as possible within a set time frame.

Next, you'll cut out cookie shapes from the dough. Here, you'll use a star-shaped cutter. You'll create cookie shapes by moving and clicking the cutter on the dough. But be careful not to break the shapes while cutting them out! You can also rotate the cutter for better positioning, and when there's no more space left on the dough, just hit the end button.

The final step is baking. Place your cookies in the oven and watch them closely. When they match the color of the example, hit the stop button. It's important not to overbake them!

Now, are you ready to bake some delicious cookies with Airi? Grab your mouse and help Airi make the tastiest cookies ever. Let's get baking!

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