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Become a burger master in the Ultra Pixel Burgeria game! 🍔 Cook, create, and serve in a pixel-packed world. Can you keep every customer happy?

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About Ultra Pixel Burgeria Game

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Welcome to Ultra Pixel Burgeria, where making burgers is an art and speed is key! This game takes you to a pixelated burger joint where you're the newest cook. With its charming pixel graphics and 14 exciting stages, it's all about cooking and serving up the tastiest burgers in town.

Your mission? As a master burger chef, you'll need to make everything from scratch and keep up with the lunch rush. Can you handle the heat and keep the customers happy in this fast-paced pixel cooking game?

How to Play

Whether you're playing on a desktop or a touchscreen device, the controls are simple. On a desktop, use the A and D keys to move the screen. On a touchscreen, just tap the edges of the screen to move around. This will help you manage your cooking space and keep an eye on all your orders.

Ultra Pixel Burgeria is a journey through 16 stages of increasing complexity and fun. You'll start with basic sandwiches and move to more intricate ones, each with its unique set of ingredients. Initially, only the tutorial and the first level are unlocked. As you earn higher star ratings, more challenging levels open up, each bringing new surprises and recipes.

The Art of Burger Making

Every burger starts with the basics: buns and meat. You'll select ingredients like flour, eggs, and different types of meat. Mix eggs into flour to create dough, then bake it into buns on the grill. But be careful - timing is crucial! Remove the buns at the right moment to avoid burning. Next, transform the meat into patties. Mince the meat, form it into patties using a mold, and grill them to perfection. Remember, each ingredient has its unique cooking time!

Assembling the burger is where your creativity and attention to detail shine. Each order has a specific layout - from the bottom bun to the top. It's not just about stacking; it's about building the burger in the exact order the customer desires. This includes adding extras like cheese, which melts quickly, and lettuce, which doesn't need cooking.

Handling Orders

Don't forget the drinks! Select a cup, choose the customer's preferred drink, and fill it up. Once the burger and drink are ready, place them on the tray, select the right order, and ring the bell. This completes the customer's order and earns you points!

The game tests your ability to multitask and work under pressure. Juggle between preparing buns, cooking meat, assembling burgers, and pouring drinks. Each action requires precision and speed. Making mistakes or being too slow leads to unhappy customers and a lower score. 

Your performance in each shift determines your score and star rating. You earn money for every correctly fulfilled order, but mistakes or delays can cost you. The goal is to achieve a five-star rating in each level, which requires efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Keep your customers happy to climb the leaderboard!

Tips and Tricks

Always be one step ahead. Start with preparing multiple buns and cooking various items simultaneously. Use every grill column wisely, and don't let the ring mold slip away - it's key for patty shaping. 

It's all about strategy. Prepare drinks in batches and always be mindful of which orders to prioritize. If you're likely to miss an order, it's better to skip it and focus on the next one to avoid losing multiple customers.

Each level brings a new challenge and an opportunity to showcase your skills. Will you rise to the occasion and conquer the lunch rush? Grab your apron, fire up the grill, and let the cooking adventure begin!