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You can't miss out on the Diner Dash: Hometown Hero game! This challenge is a classic of the management game genre, so you simply have to try it! It features the story of an ambitious waitress who dreams of transforming an old and dusty diner into a wildly successful business. Can you lend her a helping hand?

There are two gaming modes that you can try: story and endless shift. We recommend you try the former first so that you can experience the charm of the game. Once you gain a little experience, you can try the latter to test your skills in extreme conditions. Whichever you choose, the mission is the same: make the clients happy and renovate the diner with the profits. Stop hesitating and start your first shift!

How to play the game

The best part about this game is that all you need to do is click! You can perform any action by pressing the left mouse button. Easy as pie! However, pleasing row after row or customers won't be an easy feat at all. You'll need to be extremely swift and organized to succeed! However, this game is so addictive and fun that you won't be able to stop playing!

Can you achieve the goal profit showed at the beginning of each level? There are two options, depending on your skill: the regular target and the expert target. If you want to have any chance of moving on to the next level, you'll have to memorize the actions in the correct order.

Therefore, the first step is to seat the customers at a clean table by clicking ad dragging. Wait for them to read the menu, then pick up their order and place it on the ticket stand. Once the food is ready, you can carry it to your customer's table. Make sure the number on the plate matches the table number!

Now, all that's left to do is wait for them to finish eating and collect their check and tips. The faster your service was, the more you'll receive. Oh, and don't forget to clean the table by taking the dirty plates to the blue trash can! It's right next to the kitchen.

What else you should know

If you want to have happy customers, you need to be as effective as you can. Did you know that you can carry two objects at once? Therefore, you can pick up items from multiple tables and put them in the correct location for even faster service. Wow!

If you want to score more points, you need to pay attention to where you place your customers. Each one of them is color-coded. Notice that the chairs will borrow the hue of the customer that sits on them. For a bonus, make sure the chair matches the customer for the rest of the shift!

At the end of every day at the restaurant, you'll see how much money you made. Use your profits to improve the design of your diner! You can add more tables, change the color of the tiles, and even add a few flowers! See how far you can go and how much you can improve your business with this fun management game!

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