Moshi Monsters: Ice Scream

🍦 Whip up delightful treats for monster customers in the Moshi Monsters: Ice Scream game! Can you keep up with the orders and make every monster smile?

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About Moshi Monsters: Ice Scream Game

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In the Moshi Monsters: Ice Scream game, you're in charge of running a bustling ice cream shop. Here, quirky monsters line up to taste your amazing ice cream creations. Each one comes with a specific, yummy request, and it's up to you to whip it up just right.

Your mission is to make the perfect ice cream for each monster customer. They'll show you exactly what they want, and you've got to get it just right. Be quick and careful, keep those monsters smiling, hit your daily targets, and you'll be the star of the ice scream world!

How to Play

The game is all about quick thinking and even quicker clicks. Monsters show up, each showing you a picture of their dream ice scream. To whip up their ice scream just the way they want it, use your mouse to drag the right combination of cones, scoops, sauces, and toppings to the stands. Once the ice cream is ready, you can drag it to the waiting monster.

But when you get those orders just right, the monsters will be super happy and leave Rox (the game's cool currency) on the counter. You've got to be quick to grab that Rox before it vanishes! And here's a fun twist: the happier you keep the monsters, the more Rox tips you get. So, keeping those monsters smiling means more rewards for you.

As you move up through the levels, the game gets more challenging. You'll unlock all sorts of new toppings and flavors, making the orders trickier but also more fun to make. And the more complex the ice scream, the more Rox you can earn!

What else you should know

To beat each level, you've got to hit your Rox target. Miss the target, and you've got two more tries to make it. If you're really good, Giuseppe might even name you the top employee of the day. 

Get ready to scoop, swirl, and serve yummy ice creams and run the coolest shop in town! Are you up for the challenge? Put on your apron, and let the fun begin!