Sara's Super Spa

Dive into Sara's Super Spa game for a whirlwind of spa-tastic fun! Can you keep every client happy and transform Sara's spa dream into reality?

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About Sara's Super Spa Game

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Sara's Super Spa is a colorful and bustling game where you get to dive into the wonderful world of spas! Sara has opened her very own spa, and it's up to you to make sure it's the talk of the town. From massages to manicures, this spa has it all, and it's a race against time to keep every customer happy.

Your main job is to help Sara handle her clients and make the spa a booming success. You'll need to be on your toes, taking clients to different stations and ensuring they get the treatments they want quickly and happily.

How to Play

Throughout the game, you'll be guiding clients by dragging them with your mouse or touchpad. When they have a thought bubble above their head, that shows what they want. So, you'll drag them to the right station. Some stations require you to click on the client again for a fun mini-game.

As you step into Sara's shoes, you'll find clients waiting for their turn. But watch out! Each client has a Satisfaction Bar above their head. They may leave without paying if they're kept waiting for too long or don't get the service they want.

There are various stations like the Cashier Station, Wash Station, and even a special Mud Bath. You'll notice green arrows guiding you on where clients want to go. Some services are automatic, like the Tanning Bed and Sauna, where you just wait for them to finish.

But there's a fun twist! You can hire employees to help speed things up. They'll become even better as they work, moving from Beginner to Master levels. They're a huge help, especially on super busy days!

As days pass and you reach your money goals, the game will get a bit more challenging and exciting. There are 20 different days to conquer, and if you don't reach your target money for the day, you'll have to try again.

There's more you should know!

To spice things up, the game introduces Special Events and even rare clients like Movie Stars and Brides. They can be a bit more demanding, but if you manage them well, the rewards are totally worth it!

Plus, as your spa becomes more popular, you'll earn stars. Collect enough, and your spa will grow, even doubling in size! And don't forget about the shop: here, you can buy new stations, goodies like coffee machines and magazines to keep clients happy, and even advertise your spa for more clients.

Keep an eye on the time clock on the bottom right so you know how much time you have left for the day. If you see a waiting client getting restless, quickly drag and drop a magazine or coffee on them from the goodies you've bought. It'll buy you some time.

Everyone needs a little pampering in a world filled with hustle and bustle. In this spa adventure, you'll not only bring joy to clients but also build and grow a business, face challenges, and make crucial decisions. Ready to dive into this thrilling journey of relaxation and fun? Dive in and let the spa-tacular adventure begin!