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🍔 Try the Top That(aka Rush Hour Robot Cafe) game for a fun fast-food frenzy! Can you serve orders quickly enough to keep customers happy? 🍟

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The Top That game, also known as the Rush Hour Robot Cafe, takes you into the busy world of Mech-Droids fast food. In this game, you're in charge of a high-tech kitchen where you prepare meals for customers. It's all about making yummy burgers, crispy french fries, and filling up pop cups with soda. But it's not just serving – it's about being fast and accurate!

Your mission is to make the customers super happy by getting their orders just right. You have to be quick, but you also need to make sure everything's perfect. The better you do, the happier your customers will be, and the higher your score!

How to Play

To begin with, you can use your mouse or touch screen to select food items and add toppings. It's like being a chef but with clicks and taps. You'll pick up burgers or chicken sandwiches, then add the right toppings that the customers want.

Each customer will tell you what they want in a speech bubble. It could be burgers with specific toppings, a side of fries, or a cup of pop. You have to pay close attention and choose the right items. If you make a mistake, like putting the wrong topping on a burger, the customer might get upset, and you'll need to start that item over.

While filling up a pop cup, you can multitask by working on another item. This is a great way to save time and keep your customers smiling! Remember, the faster you complete the order correctly, the better your score. But watch out – mistakes add extra time to your score!

Every burger, fry, and pop cup you make brings you closer to becoming the best fast-food chef! Are you ready to show off your speedy service and make those customers happy? Put on your chef's hat, and let's start cooking some fun!