Jennifer Rose: Flirting Saloon

Jennifer Rose: Flirting Saloon game dives you into a lively Wild Wild West adventure! Can you keep the balance between serving food & sweet romance?

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In the Flirting Saloon game, Jennifer Rose finds herself working as a waitress in a bustling Texas Saloon. But there's a twist - her loving boyfriend comes to visit with flowers every day! So, while she's busy serving cowboys and cowgirls, she also has to sneak in some sweet moments with him.

Your goal is to help Jennifer serve all her customers with delicious food and drinks, make money to upgrade the restaurant, and, of course, find time to flirt with her charming boyfriend whenever he drops by with flowers. Make sure she doesn't lose her visitors or her boyfriend's affection!

How to Play

Jennifer's saloon gets quite busy. When new visitors arrive, you'll have to quickly guide them to a table. Be attentive! Each visitor will want to order from the menu, and you'll have to prepare and serve their chosen dish. But watch out, if Jennifer doesn't spend time with her boyfriend when he visits, he might just leave heartbroken!

The game starts simply with Jennifer serving her visitors. When a customer enters, simply drag and drop them to an available table. Then, wait for them to decide on their order. Once they do, prepare their dish and serve it up. And oh, don't forget to clean up after them and collect your hard-earned money!

You'll notice that every customer has a patience meter. When they're waiting, this meter starts to go down. Your job is to serve them their order before it empties. Hurry, or they might just leave!

But that's not all! While Jennifer is busy serving, her boyfriend might pop by with flowers. He has a meter, too, filled with romantic red hearts. If Jennifer doesn't spend time flirting with him, those hearts will disappear one by one. Balancing work and romance is the key!

There's more you should know!

Once all the visitors have enjoyed their meals, left their payments, and the tables are cleaned, the day at the saloon ends. With the money you earn, you can upgrade the saloon! Get a table for salads, an ice cream machine, a juice station, or even a hamburger station.

Want to keep your customers entertained? Hire a musician or get a fun mechanical bull. Need more space? Buy an extra table. These upgrades not only make your Saloon look cooler but also help you manage better.

Here's a little secret: Some dishes like potato fries, beer, and juice can be prepared faster than others. Use this to your advantage! Serve these dishes quickly to get some breathing room. This might just give Jennifer that little extra time to flirt with her boyfriend or attend to other customers.

Ready to dive into the Wild West and help Jennifer balance love and work? With 12 addictive levels, each day in the saloon offers a new challenge, keeping you on your toes. Grab your apron and let the adventure begin!