Befriend the most stylish mermaids in the world in Bratz Babyz: Mermaidz game. Play with Cloe, Jade, Tali and Sasha and their cute sea creature friends!

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The most exciting summer day at the beach is waiting for you in Bratz Babyz: Mermaidz game. 
What is that strange-looking fish near the seashore? Oh, it is not a fish. It is Cloe, one of the baby Bratz mermaids. She has seen that you seem a little bored so she wants to invite you to join her and her friends: Jade, Tali and Sasha for a game. Equip your swimsuit and dive into the blue waters of the sea. Let Cloe guide you to their underwater playground. 

There, on the bottom of the sea, you meet the other mermaids who are gathered around a stone board. Do you wonder what it is? It is a tile-matching game with four levels of difficulty. It is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your observation skills and to find out if you got a keen eye for details. As you complete the levels you get to meet, one by one, their cute little sea creature pets: Tavi, the pink octopus, Kimi, Mayli and Halli.

How to Play

There is a board with tiles, and each tile has a picture of the mermaids drawn on it. Use your mouse to click on one of the icons and then on the adjacent tile to swap their places. Swap them in such a way that you match three or more tiles in a row or a column to make them disappear. 
For each match, you'll get some points: 20,30,40 and 100, depending on the level.

Did you get stuck? Can't you find any more matching tiles? Just hit the "Hint" button on the bottom-right of the screen to be shown what moves you can make.

Be careful! On the right side, you'll see a pyramid. That is your timer. If you take too long to make a move, then the time runs out, and that means "Game over". 

Do you need a break? Or, have you been interrupted right when you were so close to finishing the game? Use the "Pause" button not to lose your progress. When you are ready to continue playing just press "Resume".

Hurray! You've completed all the levels! The Bratz mermaids are really impressed by your skills. How many points did you manage to gather? "Play again" to try to beat your score.