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Play Bratz: Bedroom Designer game, learn how to become an interior decorator, and refurnish your room. Let's give your old bedroom a makeover!

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Unleash your inner designer by playing Bratz: Bedroom Designer game. Do you enjoy decorating? Do you love playing with fabrics, colors, artworks? Have you ever dreamt of having your room arrange in a certain way? Yes? Maybe, you have a knack for design. Try your skills!

Now is your chance to make your dream bedroom come true. This game offers you the opportunity to design your own ideal room. All you need is a little bit of imagination, creativity, and passion.

How to Play

First, choose a room from the six options that are being given. Use your mouse and drag the button over the “Color select” bar to change the look of the walls. What color do you think will suit them best? Pink paint or a blue one? Or, maybe should we choose a sparkly wallpaper instead?
After you decided how to paint your room, it is time for the best part: decorations. 

On the right side, there is a list with a large variety of home décor products, ranging from furniture to electronics. Just click on the category and scroll down to see all the items.

Have you seen a cute fluffy pillow that will go perfectly with your comfy pink bed? Then, click on it and drag it into your room. You can place it wherever you want. The decision is in your hands.
Some of the products can be flipped to fit your needs. To do that, just press and hold shift and click to flip the item.

Some simple steps to decorate your room

Our advice is to start with the furniture. First, it is a bedroom, after all, so choose a bed. Maybe, a pink and cozy one, that would be fitted for a princess. A nightstand will always come in handy. Don’t forget to pick one of the fabulous alarm clocks that are featured on the list, if you want to make sure that you will get up on time every morning. A dresser can’t miss from a fashionista’s room. You need to have something in which you can keep all your trendy clothes. Why don’t you also throw in a couple of chairs and a table? They will be perfect for a tea party, in case your friends come to pay a visit.

Don’t forget to add some decorations. Maybe some door beads, or, why not get a little bit eccentric and hang a disco ball? Just let your imagination run wild.

Why is it so dark in here? Oh, yes, we have almost forgotten. Let’s choose a matching lamp or even a chandelier to light up the room.

And it’s done! Congrats! Now, your bedroom has been transformed into a stylish crib. You have an excellent eye for interior design.

Do you have more ideas? Then, play again and design a room for your friends, too.