X-treme SkateBoarding

Perform outstanding tricks and stunts in Bratz: X-treme SkateBoarding game. Join Sasha, Bryce, Yasmin, and Cloe for a challenging skateboarding competition!

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It's time for an extreme sports competition in Bratz: X-treme SkateBoarding game. The Bratz dolls: Sasha, Bryce, Yasmin, and Cloe have practiced a lot for this moment. Now, it is their opportunity to show their skills.

Skateboarding requires hours of practice, agility, perfect timing, and, the most essential skill, balance. Do the Bratz dolls have what is needed to become skateboarding champions? To find out the answer to this question, they need to participate in the skateboarding competition first.

To be registered into the competition, all you need to do is to pick one of the characters: Sasha, Bryce, Yasmin or Cloe. There is no skateboarding without a skateboard, so next, you'll have to choose one from the given options. Furthermore, it is said that: "Safety comes first.". Therefore, don't forget to choose a matching helmet to protect you if you fall. The last step is to enter your name.

The game offers you two options: single-player and multiplayer. Our suggestion is to try the single-player first to practice and get used to the game. When you are ready, you can invite your friends to play with you and compete to see who is the best skater.

How to perform tricks

Amaze the crowds with a large variety of magnificent stunts. Pull tricks with your skateboard to gain points. 

Jumps, flips and mid-air spins are the most basic moves in skateboarding. To flip just press RIGHT or LEFT arrow keys while you're in the air. You'll get 10 points for a single flip and 20 points for a double one. Attention! Remember to try to do your tricks while you are in the air. If you hit the halfpipe while you are engaged in a stunt, you'll fall off the skateboard and won't receive the points for that trick.

Not enough velocity to do your tricks? Press the DOWN arrow key when skating down the curve to crouch and to gain more speed. 

Press the A, S, D, F, Z keys on your keyboard to perform easier tricks. In the left-bottom of the screen, you'll be shown how many points you'll get for each of them. 

What else should you know

The more difficult and diverse the tricks and stunts are the more points you'll win. If you want to secure your victory, you have to go more extreme. Are you brave enough? Why don't you try harder tricks, like a Cannonball or Airwalk? The crowd will surely be amazed. If you are daring and bold enough to take some risks, press the SPACEBAR button and one of the keys: A, S, D, F, Z.
Or, why don't you try the infamous X-Treme Trick? Just press the X button to perform it.

Did you get tired? Hit "Done" button to see how many points did you manage to gather, how many tricks did you perform, and what methods did you use.

It is said that "practice makes perfect", so "Play again" to try to beat your score and offer better performance.