The Perfect Match

The Bratz Girls want to match their items in Bratz The Perfect Match Game. They can't do it alone. Could you collect them all before the time runs out?

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About The Perfect Match Game

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Every girl needs a matchmaker, is it not so? But in Bratz The Perfect Match Game, we are no longer talking solely about romance. That is right, we are matching the perfect tiles and collecting our favorite fashionable objects. The Bratz girls really need your help in this matter. Could you be there for them? 

Lipstick, pink purse, heels or red dresses? They never travel alone. As the Brat girls, their trendy items also need a partner (or two?). But where are they, exactly? I will tell you where they are hidden if you are willing to join the adventure and discover all of the matching pairs from the Bratz Universe? Sounds thrilling, doesn't it? Then welcome aboard.

You can find the objects hidden behind some Bratz cards. You might be wondering how you can match them, while you see the cards. Well, it is easy. First of all, select the girl that is going to help you through the process. Then, start the game and match the items. 

How to Play

Click on the cards to turn them towards you and see what item is hidden underneath. The objects that you will need to match will appear on the right side of the screen. You will see their number as well. So make sure you will not miss any of them because that will drag you down and decrease your points. If you only have one item left and no other item to match it with, try to find the wild card. That will replace any object and increase your points.

Finish all of the match-makings before the time runs out. Try to match the time cards to gain additional time to your level. You will have to go through ten levels in this game. Each one more difficult than the previous one. Each one with more items to match and less time to do that. But we know you can make it. Just collect all of the objects and do not leave any behind. 

So are you up to the challenge? Can you match all of the tiles and help your favorite girls be fashionable again? Then hit that button and let's play!