Mall Crawl

Jump and crawl through the mall in the attempt of finding your friends with the Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl game! Try to avoid Duane, the bully! Have fun!

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Enjoy an exciting race through the mall accompanied by your favorite characters with the Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl! The whole Bratz Babyz crew has hit the mall, but there's a little problem: Duane, the big intimidating bully, is chasing you! Put your speed and agility to the test during your shopping run. Collect as many toys as you can, meet your friends and avoid dangerous objects. Oh, and don't forget to have a blast while shopping with your friends!

The game consists of three levels that will take you through the mall. Each one of the levels features a different background and atmosphere. The upbeat music and fun environment will make you feel like you are shopping with your best friends! 

What is more, you can choose between six of your different Bratz Babyz characters. These adorable dolls will surely make great main characters for your adventure. The options include bubbly Cloe, outgoing Sasha, quirky Jade, friendly Yasmin, or one of the twins, feisty Nita or shy Nora. Now you are ready to go on an adventurous race!

How to Play

The gameplay is straightforward and will get you hooked easily. Press on the arrow keys to move, go up on down on escalators or jump over broken toys. You need to collect toys, but make sure to avoid the ones highlighted with red. If you hit one by accident, you will lose points! Bottles are also useful, so make sure you don't miss them along your way! They represent lives for the main characters, and they will be taken away if you encounter Duane. Collect as many as you can! 

Your route through the mall can turn out to be quite intricate!  The goal of each level is reaching the exit door, but it's not as simple as that! You need to meet all your friends and find your adorable dog to advance to the next level!

Every time you meet Duane, the mean bully, you will lose your friends. Don't worry, you can always find them, but you will need to turn around and redo part of your route. All the elevators and escalators only go one way, either up or down, so plan your course carefully! You might have to turn back and create quite intricate patterns to complete the level. 

Are you ready to put your skills to the test with this exciting game? Surely, you can handle shopping, but can you crawl through the mall with the Bratz Babyz? It's time to find out by playing the Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl and collecting as many points as you can with your favorite characters.