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Become an ice-skating choreographer in Bratz: Ice Champions game. Help the Bratz doll to learn amazing moves for the upcoming figure skating championship!

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Balance, grace, agility, elegance, control are all skills that you can learn in Bratz: Ice Champions game. One of the Bratz girls needs your guidance. She loves to skate, spending hours on the ice-skating rink, and her biggest dream is to participate in a figure skating championship.

Now, with the upcoming Grand Prix, there is a high probability that she will be able to fulfill her dream. The only obstacle between herself and her goal is that she needs to find a figure skating coach to register in the Ice-skating championship. Would you help her?

As a figure skating choreographer, you will have to plan a breathtaking routine for your pupil. Don't worry if you haven't done it before. You don't need experience for this, all you need is imagination, creativity, and passion. There are only a few ingredients to achieve perfect performance.

How to Play

First and foremost, a fantastic figure skating routine needs inspiring music.  You can choose one of the four songs from the Bratz Forever Diamonds CD. We know it will be a difficult choice because all the songs are remarkable, but I am sure that you will find your favorite eventually. Hover your cursor over each song to listen to it and select one. After you made up your mind, just click "Continue".

Now, it's time to create our routine. It should contain six moves. Navigate through the tricks by pressing "previous" and "next" arrows. So many options, right? We can start with a Double flip. Or, maybe a Triple loop would be more exciting? Why not get more adventurous and try a Back Tuck? The judges would surely appreciate a Back Scratch Spin, seasoned with some Slide Spiral and Sit Catch.

And, finally, a Russian split can't miss from the routine. When you decided what tricks you would like to include in your artistic program and in which order, just click and drag them one by one to the trick boxes.

Once you are done just hit the "Skate" button and, congrats, your figure skating routine is ready. *A big round of applause for the best choreographer*

Now, it is time for the fun part! Let's sit, cheer for your pupil to encourage her and enjoy the show!