Bratz Kidz: Haunted House

Join Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha in the Bratz Kidz: Haunted House game! Can you help your fabulous friends escape the creepy mansion? Good luck!

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Help the Bratz girls escape a sleepover party gone wrong with the Bratz Kidz: Haunted House game! Your friends have planned a fun sleepover, complete with movies and snacks. However, some mysterious forces have ruined their plans! What seemed to be a fun night with your favorite fashionistas is actually a thrilling adventure. The house has become haunted, and you need to help the Bratz gang find each other and then get out of the house. Can you face the menacing monsters with style?

The first step of the game is choosing your favorite Bratz doll. She will become the protagonist of this adventure. You can choose between five members of the girl group. Do you prefer bubbly Cloe, charming Jade, creative Yasmin, daring Sasha or stylish Ginger? Surely you will find a fashionista that fits your style!

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure with Bratz?

Your aim is to guide the fashion addicts through a haunted labyrinth. To begin with, you need to find all of your friends, who are hiding around the house. Once you have navigated the different levels of the house and collected the rest of the gang, you all need to head for the exit and reach it before the time runs out. Be careful, as the levels get increasingly difficult!

The gameplay is very straightforward. To move your Bratz doll, use the arrow keys. You can jump over dangerous objects by pressing space. Don’t forget that the only way up and down stairs or secret passages is by pressing the up and down arrows on your keyboard.

Time to start your adventure! Along the journey throughout the haunted house, you will encounter different objects. Collect pillows to gain additional lives. Make sure you don’t miss out on the snacks either! Pick up all the popcorn and Chinese takeout while you wander around looking for your friends. It will earn you extra points!

Beware of the dangers in the Haunted House!

However, not everything in this house is friendly! The objects surrounded by a red glow are haunted. Touching them will make you lose one of your friends from the group or even lose one of your lives! The same goes for the creepy monsters that lurk around this chilling mansion. Therefore, make sure you jump over dangerous items and avoid the monsters as much as you can!

Make sure that you always keep your eyes on the clock! You only have three minutes to complete each level. This means you have to pick up your friends, collect the extra points and also watch out for threats! Seems like an impossible mission? Don’t worry! The game features skateboards and trolleys to help you move around the house faster. Look for them during your adventure!

Are you ready to put your agility and passion for fashion to the test? The immersive atmosphere and cool soundtrack of this game will surely keep you playing for hours! Only you can help the Bratz Kidz get out of this sticky situation!