The amazing Bratz: M.A.S.H game gives you a glimpse into the future. Who will you marry, where will you live, what will your job be? Play now to find out!

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The future! What an exciting yet genuinely unknown place to be! However, with Bratz: M.A.S.H game you can now catch a brief look to your own 'what's to come'!

I'm sure you might have heard of the famous 'mansion, apartment, shack, house' game with its variations present in different cultures. A popular activity that kids and teenagers alike enjoy at sleepovers or parties. We all wonder what it will be like when we grow up, and the aim of this widespread pastime is precisely this: to give you a sneak peek into your future life. 

What are your dreams?

What job do you wish to pursue? Where do you want to live? Is there a special someone in your life? What's your dream car? All you have to do is fill in the blanks with four names, careers, and cars, then spin! And so your future is set in motion! When you feel ready, press the stop button, and so the game begins!

Allow some time for the game to reach out to your upcoming life and give you feedback. One by one, unlikely prospects are eliminated. Watch the future unfold! Isn't it so much fun to keep guessing and imagining what fate holds in store for you? What about your friends? Are their destinies intertwined with yours? Does the outline of their life look good or bad?

You can compare, play again, and change your options! There are so many possible outcomes! Just remember, don't get too excited about the future and live the moment! Enjoy!