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Create new, stylish looks with the Bratz Makeover game! Join your favorite characters in an exciting make-up game that will let your imagination run wild!

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Are you ready to practice your beauty skills and create stylish looks with the Bratz Makeover game? Your friends are waiting for you to revamp their looks completely! This exciting new game offers you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Enjoy the upbeat music and the cozy atmosphere of a makeover party with your four favorite Bratz characters: Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin.

Now, you have complete control over their look, from hair to makeup and even nails! Whether you update their signature look or completely rethink the way they present themselves, the choice is yours! Whichever option you choose, you will surely have a blast!

How to Play

The first step of the game is choosing the character you wish to make over. You can go for the bubbly and charming Cloe, outgoing Sasha, quirky Jade or bohemian Yasmin. Whichever of the girls you choose, you will be able to change their look however you like! 

The next thing you have to do is washing and drying the girl's hair. You can do so by dragging the appropriate tools from the tab in the right towards the Bratz doll's hair. Naturally, you will need to use the shampoo first, then rinse everything. Make sure you cover the doll's hair completely! Use the hairdryer to finish everything off! 

From now on, the fun begins! Click on the various tabs in the menu on the right side of the screen to choose between the different categories. Click and drag the desired item towards your character to change an aspect of her look. 

When it comes to the hair, you can choose from a large number of styles. Simply click on the scissors, curler, straightener or hair tie to see the different options you have. Once you have decided, drag the hairstyle towards the doll's head. You can even choose the hair color and streaks! From baby pink to pitch black, you can choose from all sorts of unusual combinations. Try out different styles and colors, and once you are happy with your creation, click on the make-up tab. 

Proceed with the Make-Up

The make-up tab allows you to choose from a large number of colors and combinations! You can go for a sweet, innocent look, with baby pink lipstick, a rosy blush, and discreet eyeshadow and lashes. However, who is stopping you from going for a dark, gothic look, or a rainbow fantasy make-up? Don't forget that you can even add some colored glitter to compliment your look, as a finishing touch! 

To finish off your look, you can customize your nails and even add some body art! For your manicure, you can choose between three different lengths and a large number of colors. Don't forget that you can color each nail differently, according to your own taste and creativity! Finish off by adding decals, either to your nails or even your face, body or t-shirt! Choose a pretty butterfly, shiny rhinestones, the Bratz logo or even glitter!

As soon as you are done, all you need to do is press the 'Done' button to see your finished creation. Click the 'Print' button to keep your beautiful design for a long time or select the 'Reset' option to start over! 

So, are you ready to let your creative juices flow? Hang out with your most stylish friends and help them rethink their looks! You can create a wide range of styles and try out a lot of different options until you are delighted with the result! Get ready to bring on the glamour with the Bratz dolls!