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Find out if you and your love interest were made for each other with Bratz: Love Meter game! Type in your names, and start playing whenever you feel ready!

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Are you two meant to be together? Play Bratz: Love Meter game to reveal your fate! On a scale from one to five, how good do you look together?

This game is quite simple, and there are no rules! All you need to do is fill in the two blanks with your names and press start to discover your love affinity! Amazingly fun for sleepovers or parties! Gather all your girl-friends and take turns with Love Meter game.

Have you ever wondered whether or not he's the one? What about your friends? I'm sure you would like to know what your relationship will be like and now you can! Type in your names and let's get it started! 

Yay or nay?

There are 5 possible levels on the scale. The lowest one, 'Not if you were the last two on earth!' is a no-no! But don't lose hope! You guys could still succeed if you work through your misunderstandings and form a bond even if it isn't naturally present there.

The next two ones, 'Don't bet on it' and 'Possibly, maybe, someday, someway...' are pretty similar, except the latter gives you better prospects of success. You and your crush have a natural connection, but there might be quite a lot of problems in your relationship. However, I'm sure you can get over them and make it work!

If you got 'Love is definitely in the air', you can confidently go for it as there are little to no obstacles in your way to happiness! Lastly, if the love meter points to 'Real-life Romeo and Juliet', it means you were made for each other! This is the highest level of compatibility you can achieve, so you should celebrate!

Keep trying with multiple names and get your friends to try it too! Don't forget to have fun!