Ponyz Stylin' Show

Design the most fashionable pony with the Bratz Babyz Ponyz Stylin' Show game! Groom and style your adorable pet in time for the big competition!

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Now you have a chance to become the best stylist with the Bratz Babyz Ponyz Stylin’ Show game! Have you ever wanted to own your very own pony, that you can groom according to your unique taste? The Bratz girls will give you a chance to do that! They are willing to lend you their fabulous pets for a day! You get to help them and give one of their ponies a stylish makeover just before the big show! Do you feel up for the task?

To begin with, you need to select one of the four available ponies. Each one of them belongs to a Bratz member and has an entirely unique look and personality. You can choose the fashionable Pursia, the pretty Celeste, sweet-natured Bonita or even fierce Sashay! Do you think you can take care of these adorable ponies and make sure they look their best?

Let’s begin the pony makeover!

Once you have chosen your preferred pet, it’s time for a ride at the Groovy Groomin’ salon. This place features everything a pony lover can dream of, from tools to funky accessories and even clothes and makeup. To navigate throughout the salon, just drag the selected items and use them on your pony. You can browse throughout different sections by clicking the left and right icons on the screen.

Naturally, the first step is grooming your pony. To do so, find the toolbox in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will find different grooming tools, such as a brush and a hairdryer! Make sure you use them in the correct order to start off with a fresh and happy pony!

The next step is choosing a hairstyle for your new friend. From angelic blonde waves to daring afros and even braids, there are many options for you to explore. Of course, if you like your pony’s natural mane, you can leave it be or merely switch the color of their highlights by clicking on the slide bar in the bottom left part of the screen.

It’s all in the accessories with the Bratz girls!

Any real fashionista knows that the style and flair of an outfit come from the right accessories.  Luckily, you can choose from a wide array of objects to give your pony an edge above the competition. To start with, you can select a gorgeous bow, a fresh flower or even something fancier, like a hair clip or a tiara! Make sure to go for something that fits the personality of your new furry friend!

Do you think makeup is just for girls? Think again! These fabulous ponies have learned a lot from their fashionable owners! You can choose a funky eyeshadow color or even blush to complete the look. What is more, you can also paint the pony’s hooves and add some cool shoes. Make sure you don’t forget about the glitter!

Time to show off your brand new style!

Once you are happy with your look and every detail is perfect, it’s time to head out to the show! The most exciting part is that you get to choose the setting yourself! So, whether you prefer to show off on the red carpet, make an appearance at a fabulous party or even spend a sunny day at the farm, it’s your choice! What is more, you can also select a song for the show. Every option has a funny name, such as Ponyz Up or Ponyzforia! Print out the end result and make sure to show it to all of your friends!

We sure hope you enjoy this chance of becoming a personal stylist for the fabulous Bratz Ponyz! You can let your creativity run wild and design an incredible show featuring your most fashionable friends! And if you want to play more games like this one, you should visit the dedicated section with Pony Games on our website.