Fashion Pixiez Party

Face the adventures that await you in the Fashion Pixiez Party Game. Defeat the evil creatures, complete all your quests and join the amazing Pixie Party.

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Great news! You have just been invited to a fashionable party. But this is not just a regular one. My dear lady, this is the most exclusive pixie party ever. But first, you will need to undergo a series of adventures to find this fantastic party, only in the Fashion Pixiez Party Game. Sounds delightful, does it not? Well, join us and see what kind of adventures await you right now.

Through the Land of Pixies

Dear fellow pixie, you can do anything! No matter how far the party is, you will be able to reach it and overcome all of the difficulties that you might encounter. Just show the other pixies that you are a true adventurer and begin your journey. All you actually need to do is to trust in yourself.

First of all, you will have to choose the pixie that is going to help you along the way. Select one of the four Bratz pixies and start the levels. Now that you have your companion, you are ready to go. Use your arrows to move around the Pixie Land. Each level will take place in a different location. Just be prepared for everything. You will also have to complete a different quest in each of the stages in order to reach the party. Follow the specific instructions listed at the beginning of every mission. We know you can do it. 

Good and Evil

Just like in any other pixie story, yours will taste the duality between good and evil as well. You will begin your journey with three pairs of wings, and you will fight against the evil forces. All you need to do to complete the adventures is to protect your points and wings. So beware of the bursting dandelions, for they will destroy your wings.

The flies are also extremely dangerous, and they will make you lose points. The bumblebees are evil, too. Do not let them sting you. Just be cautious. You will know the evil when you see it. 

Now do not be scared, for any pixie has its little helpers. Your points might drop if you encounter the evil forces. But there are some little friends that will help you along the way, no matter what. So make sure you meet the dragons, the hummingbirds, the butterflies and all of the other delightful creatures. They will give you more points every time. Once you reach your goal with the help of your tiny friends, you will be able to move on to the next adventure until you get to the party. 

Yes, I know it might be a little bit tiring, and everything might seem difficult. But the reward is delightful. It is an exclusive pixie party after all, right? So you know it is really worth it. Hang in there and show us your true pixie nature. If you believe in yourself and in the friends that offer help, you will be able to conquer anything. Even the pixie world!