Jasmine and her Dog

🍣 In Jasmine and her Dog game, you can help Jasmine make yummy kimbap for her pup! Roll, slice, and serve up fun in this delightful cooking adventure.

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In the Jasmine and her Dog game, you'll step into the shoes of Jasmine, the top chef at Animal Farm. Jasmine is known for her amazing cooking skills, especially when it comes to making tasty kimbap. This time, Jasmine is on a mission to prepare a special treat for her beloved dog, and she could use your help!

Your mission is to help Jasmine create the most delicious kimbap for her dog. You'll go through each step of preparing the kimbap, from choosing the right ingredients to rolling and slicing it perfectly. It's all about timing and precision to make the kimbap that her dog will love!

How to Play

You'll only need your mouse to play the game. You'll drag and drop ingredients, roll the kimbap, and slice it into pieces, all with simple mouse movements.

Each step in making kimbap is like a mini-game itself, and you need to complete them one by one. First up, you'll drag seaweed onto the screen using your mouse. This is the base for your kimbap. Next, you should add rice and spread it evenly over the seaweed. You can do this by moving the mouse in the direction shown by the arrows on the screen. 

After the rice, it's time to add the meat sticks, which are the main filling of the kimbap. Pay attention to the order the dog prefers them in - this is part of the challenge. Once you've got all your fillings in place, the next step is rolling the kimbap. This is a bit tricky. You have to hold down the mouse and roll the kimbap up and down until it's perfectly wrapped.

The final step is slicing the kimbap. You need to cut it into even slices to complete the dish.

What else you should know

Throughout the game, keep an eye on the timer at the bottom of the screen. Each step must be completed before time runs out.

If you're quick and accurate in your actions, you earn points. The better you perform in each step, the more points you get, and these points determine your final score when the dog tastes the kimbap.

Ready to show off your cooking skills and make a delicious treat for a furry friend? Jump into this fun and engaging game and see if you can become a kimbap master like Jasmine. It's time to start cooking!