From Messy to Classy

Get glam with the Villain Quinn: From Messy to Classy game! Can you help Harley Quinn get over her breakup, clean up, and change her entire look?

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You'll love the Villain Quinn: From Messy to Classy game if you are a fan of complete makeovers! Are you familiar with this unconventional heroine? Even if she is not perfect, Harley has charmed fans from all over the world with her unique style and quirky personality. However, now she is in a dire situation: Joker has left her again! Can you help her get back on her feet?

Everybody knows that girls like to change up their look after a breakup. This time, Harley wants to leave Joker behind and move on with a brand new style. Can you lend her a helping hand? Getting over a heartbreak is harder than it seems!

The game consists of eight exciting stages. Did you know that girls have to get through so many steps to renew their look? You will need to take care of Harley from head to toe. Taking care of her hair, skin, nails, and outfit will teach you a lot about cosmetics. Are you ready to get started?

How to Play

Luckily, you don't need to spend a lot of money on cosmetics and instruments for this makeover! All you need is your mouse. Click on the tool you wish to use, then follow the screen's instructions to apply each product and perform every operation. It's going to be so much fun! 

To begin with, help Harley get back to normal. Help her dry off all the tears and take off all the runny makeup! You can do so by using the special eyedrops and lotion at the bottom of the screen. Once you finish, it's time for some skincare! Pop all the pimples, apply lip balm, a mask, and pluck the eyebrows. With such a fresh face, Harley is ready to change her mood and her look!

Are you ready to put on some makeup? You might know that a flawless foundation is vital for a  beautiful look. Therefore, start by picking one of the six available shades. It's your choice if you want to match the foundation with the color corrector, illuminator, and contour. Are you happy with Harley's Look so far?

Let's add some color! To begin with, you need to choose an eyeshadow color scheme. Do you like Mystery, Violet Petal, Warm Wink, or any of the other beautiful palettes? Once you decide, add a fitting accent color, such as Wild Cherry, Sunset, or Shadow. Next, it's time to add some blusher, a little mascara, and a cool lipstick. There are so many cool options and color schemes that you'll want to create multiple versions!

What else you should know

Now that Harley's face is stunning, you should get started on her hair. Before thinking about fancy styles and colors, let's start with the basics! Undo Harley's iconic pigtails, detangle her hair, then start with the washing up. Isn't it cool that you can apply shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask? Make sure you rinse out thoroughly after each product!

Are you ready to add some flare? Start by picking out a cool hairstyle! Do you prefer an updo, a messy braid, or maybe both? Check out all the cool options! Have you decided on a color yet? You can switch up our heroine's look by choosing a dark brunette, green, or even silver. Isn't that cool? Add some accessories and sparkles to complete the look!

All that's left to do is deal with the nails and outfit! Pick out the colors, stickers, and designs that suit Harley's new look best. However, clothing is the most significant aspect when it comes to a complete makeover. Take a close look at all the different tops, skirts, pants, dresses, jumpsuits, and handbags! What suits your vision best? Go ahead and make some daring combinations for this unusual heroine!

Can you help Harley get out of this rut? Help her break free of Joker's villainous influence and rebuild her life! As you might have noticed by now, a new look can often inspire you to change your life for the better!