Villains Off Duty

Join Harley Quinn in the Villains Off Duty game! She and her friend, the Evil Queen, will change their style and post it online to compete with princesses!

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Play the Villains Off Duty game if you have ever wanted to know what Harley Quinn and the Evil Queen from Snow White do in their free time. The two antagonists might be evil, but they are also beautiful women. Therefore, they sometimes want to change up their look and show it off on Instagram. Will you lend them a helping hand?

It seems like the villains have spied on the Disney Princesses. There's something about their chic clothing and romantic hairstyles that makes them so appealing! Naturally, Harley and The Queen want to draw some inspiration from their style. Besides, they could use a tip or two about social media. Follow them as they try to relax and go through a complete makeover!

How to Play

The best thing about virtual makeovers is that you don't need to spend all your money to buy clothes and cosmetics. Your mouse is the only tool you'll need! Just click on Harley or The Queen, then navigate through all the options by clicking on the left and right arrows. It couldn't be easier!

Start by selecting one of the two antagonists. All your options are different, depending on which character you pick. Isn't that cool? You must be bored with the same old hairstyle! Why don't you choose something softer, or even a flower crown? It will help the villains look sweeter and more approachable.

Next, try out some clothes! There is a wide variety of styles available, from tops to jackets, skirts, dresses, and jeans. Some of them can even be layered, making the outfit more intricate. Have you noticed all the lace, floral patterns, and pastel colors? Don't forget to add some accessories! They are the element that completes any fashionable outfit. Therefore, don't be afraid to add a cute purse that complements your look!

There's more you should know!

Once you have decided on the outfits of the two villains, it's time to post! The first step is to pick out a name for their shared profile. Pick out your favorite month and preferred color to generate a username automatically. How neat!

Are you ready for your first post? Pick out a flattering photo of the two friends. Next, you need to apply a funky filter to gather more likes. Is there something missing? Try adding some stickers, an object, or a cute quote to make your post even more engaging. Isn't this so much fun?

Even the villains need to keep up with current trends and social media! Help Harley Quinn and the Evil Queen refresh their wardrobe and handle the art of a successful post. It's the only way to compete with the princesses when it comes to looks and popularity.

Now that they are on Instagram, Harley and The Queen will become more popular than ever before!