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Play the Amuse Park game to build the coolest park ever! Build Carousels, Castles, Ferris Wheels, or Roller Coasters to make everyone happy!

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About Amuse Park Game

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Amuse Park is a super fun game where you can build your own magical amusement park! Imagine a place with spinning carousels, tall castles, roller coasters, and lots of happy visitors laughing and having fun.

In this game, you are the boss of the amusement park! Your job is to make sure everyone has a great time. You'll build exciting rides, serve delicious snacks, and make sure the park is clean and pretty. 

How to Play

First, let's learn how to move around your park. Use the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard or the A and D keys to see different parts of your park. It's like taking a walk around to see all the cool stuff!

Now, let's start building your dream park! To build attractions like a carousel or a castle, just click on the buttons at the bottom of your game window and choose a spot. Don't forget, your guests are also hungry and need to use the bathroom, so make sure to build some food stands and toilets too!

The best part of being a park manager is making your park bigger and more fun every day. You have 31 game-days to make your park the best. Each day, try to make more and more visitors happy. On the first day, you should achieve a goal of 10 happy visitors. However, the goal will get increasingly harder to achieve. You'll have to reach 1900 happy visitors by day 31 to win the game!

What else you should know

A clean park is a happy park! Buy a vacuum robot to clean up. This robot is like a little helper that zooms around, making everything neat and tidy.

You want all the people to be super happy! To do that, build lots of attractions, upgrade them to be even more fun, and decorate your park. Place everything in smart spots so people can find them easily.

Here's a cool tip: Building benches can slow down your visitors, so they spend more time on the attractions. This makes them super happy and helps you win the game. Don't forget to build a first aid post, too, just in case someone needs help.

Ready to create the most amazing park in the world? In Amuse Park, you can build, decorate, and bring joy to all visitors. Let the fun begin!