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🍣 Play the Sushi Go Round game to prove your skills as a super sushi chef! Race against time, keep customers happy, and make yummy sushi! 🍱

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Welcome to the yummy world of the Sushi Go Round game! This game turns you into a super sushi chef in a busy restaurant. It's your job to create delicious sushi rolls and keep all your customers happy!

In this fun challenge, you're the new chef in town! Your mission is to make tasty sushi rolls just like the customers want them. And guess what? You only have one week to show everyone you're the best sushi chef. Remember, happy customers mean you're doing a great job!

How to Play

Let's learn how to make some sushi! To start making sushi, you just need to click on the recipe book. But remember, the restaurant is always busy, so don't spend too much time reading! Find the recipe, gather your ingredients, and then click on the roller to mix them.

You'll get to prepare lots of delicious recipes, such as Onigiri, California Roll, or Gunkan Maki.

For instance, wanna make a California Roll? You'll need 1 rice, 1 nori, and 1 roe. When you have these ingredients, it's time to roll that sushi! Don't forget: if you run out of ingredients, you can order more with the phone. Just a click and more rice or nori is on its way!

Keep an eye on your customers. They can be a bit grumpy if they have to wait too long. If you see someone getting upset, serving sake might help. But remember, sake only keeps them happy for a little bit.

There's more you should know!

After a customer finishes eating, they'll leave you some money and their empty plates. Don't forget to pick up both! Cleaning the table means you're ready for your next customer.

Each day, you'll have a special goal to reach. If you meet this goal, you can move on to the next day. Each day is a new challenge and a new chance to show off your sushi skills!

Remember, the key to this game is to keep your customers happy and your sushi rolling. With every sushi roll you make, you'll become better and better. So, put on your chef hat, and let's start cooking!