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Play the Hello Kitty: Restaurant game to become a master chef and serve your delicious dishes to Hello Kitty and her friends! Can you satisfy all of them?

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From where is that delicious smell coming? Join the Hello Kitty kitchen to prepare some of the most delicious dishes for her and her friends in the Hello Kitty: Restaurant game! Do you think you can follow the recipes and serve all the customers in time? Let's put your cooking skills to the test!

The restaurant is all in your hands for today! Your role is to take everyone's order and cook their food on time. Will you be able to keep up with all the customers? And more importantly: how delicious will your food be? We are excited to see you in action!

How to Play

You don't need much to be an outstanding chef! You only need your mouse to take all the orders and prepare the food. Left Click on the customers to start preparing their food. Same as for cutting the ingredients and cooking them. Be careful! Some of them will take more clicks than others to be ready.

Follow the recipe! You will have plenty of help while cooking the delicious foods. Also, all the ingredients you need are already prepared in the correct order for every dish. You will only have to click on them and follow the recipe! Cooking in Hello Kitty's kitchen is a piece of cake.

You will have creative freedom here! Even though you should follow the recipe, you can go all out with some ingredients at some point! You will see a green arrow when this time comes. Then, your meal is ready to serve, or you can put some extra love in there and use the rest of the ingredients until there are none! The most delicious foods come from bold ideas!

It's your restaurant for the day, so use it to the fullest! While taking orders, you can interact with the environment before you start cooking. Click on the objects around you and see what they can do. Some may surprise you!

Is everything clear, chef? Great! Then, let's put your apron and the rest of the cooking equipment on and start working. We can't keep our customers waiting. They are excited to taste every food you'll cook!