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Play the Hello Kitty: Pinball game to test your luck and achieve high scores along with your favorite kitten! Will you be the pinball machine master?

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About Hello Kitty: Pinball Game

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From where are these crazy sounds coming? Hello Kitty wants to join her and try her new pinball machine in the Hello Kitty: Pinball game! How many high scores do you think you will achieve? Let's put your pinball skills to the test and get it started! 

Are you ready for lots of fun? Your role is to try and achieve the highest score Hello Kitty has ever seen! To do this, just hit the playing balls as hard as you can or try and discover strategies to maximize efficiency. How many points do you think you'll get? We are also really excited to find out!

How to Play

Let's teach you how to use the machine, shall we? To use the pinball machine, you only have to use your mouse. Grab the ball launcher using the Left click and pull it to make the balls fly one by one!

After you shoot, you'll have no control over them until they return. Try to observe how much power you need to get the maximum amount of points.

Hit everything! In this game, your role is to hit every object in the pinball machine as many times as you can. And, if possible, they should go through the spaces high in points. They are brightly colored and numbered from thirty to ninety, so they are hard to miss! You can go past them if you hit your pinball too hard.

What else you should know

The last detail is the one that will put your luck to the test the most! The pinball machine has two spaces that are pretty hard to get into, but they carry the most value! You will have to hope that the balls go into them. If you can get into one of them, you can get three hundred or even six hundred points.

Plus, Hello Kitty will launch that lucky pinball back for you, and she will throw in an extra special one which will disappear after a few shots. Pretty cool, right? 

Is everything clear, everyone? Then, let's get you to the pinball machine and start the games! Hello Kitty and the rest are curious to see what high score you'll hit. We should not make them wait!