Hello Kitty: Video Puzzle

Join in on an innovative trial of intelligence with the Hello Kitty Video Puzzle game! Can you arrange all twenty pieces while the image is moving?

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About Hello Kitty: Video Puzzle Game

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Prove you're smart enough to solve a fun and adorable trial in the Hello Kitty Video Puzzle game! If you are a fan of the white and pink heroine, you must know that the Japanese kitty will often put your intelligence to the test. This time you need to help her rearrange the tiles of a colorful billboard! You'll be able to watch cute scenes from the Hello Kitty series and enjoy the cheerful music. It's delightful!

This challenge consists of a puzzle that poses a strange feature. The image on the tiles keeps moving! If you want to master this game, try your best not to get distracted! Can you put all 20 pieces in the correct position?

How to Play

Begin by taking a close look at the four-by-five grid on the screen. Together the pieces should form a colorful image of Hello Kitty and her adventure. Using your mouse, click on one of the 20 pieces to move it to a different place on the board. The two selected pieces will switch positions automatically. Keep rearranging until the image is clear!

At first, all the moving pieces of the Hello Kitty music video can be confusing! However, if you pay attention, you'll find some puzzle pieces that go together. If not, wait for the scene to change and see if you can find any more clues!

However, whenever you want to make a move, you should try to do it swiftly. If the image in the background changes completely, you might not know where to move the piece you have just picked up!

How fast can you think? When you finally complete the puzzle, you find out how many seconds it took you. Keep replaying this puzzle challenge to improve your intelligence and speed! Thanks to the colorful visuals and upbeat music, you'll never get bored while playing with Hello Kitty. You'll also have a chance to learn more about your favorite heroine's adventures!