Ferris Wheel Friends

Try the Ferris Wheel Friends game and have fun at the carnival! Challenge your memory, find Hello Kitty and her buddies, and uncover all the matching pairs!

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The carnival is in town, and it's time to enjoy it in the Ferris Wheel Friends game! Hello Kitty and her cute buddies are ready to hop on the Ferris wheel. However, the gang split up, and you must help match the pairs! Are you prepared to put your memory to the test and find all your missing friends?

Let's check out all the cars and see where each passenger is! There are two of each Sanrio character inside the Ferris wheel, and you must uncover all the pairs. However, you can only open two cabins at once, so you must remember where each of your friends is. Will you be able to complete the challenge?

How to Play

First things first, you have to understand the basics. The only tool you need here is your mouse. Simply tap on a door to open it, and a Sanrio character will appear. After that, just keep trying until you find the matching pair. Once you get it right, it's time to locate the rest of Hello Kitty's friends!

Your cute buddy has prepared multiple exciting levels for you to try! Your task for each stage is to open all the doors and find your missing friends. Just keep in mind that the more you progress, the harder each level will be. More cars will be added to the Ferris wheel for every stage, so you have to stay focused and remember where each character is!

As the difficulty increases, the ride will start moving. Will you be able to keep up and find all your Sanrio buddies? Concentration is most important here, so don't lose your cool and stay focused on the screen! Remember not to rush, and think of a strategy to complete the puzzle.

Don't worry if you're having a hard time at first! Luckily there's no time limit here, so you can keep trying as long as you need. Just keep opening the doors and do your best to memorize where each character is! As you practice your skills, your memory will improve, and you'll be able to uncover all the pairs.

Are you ready to join Hello Kitty at the carnival? If so, help her find all her cute friends and complete the puzzle together! Now is your chance to put your mind to the test!