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Dive into Pixel Chix: Flippin' Kitchen game and become a chef in no time! Discover unique recipes, whip up dreamy dishes & join the cooking frenzy now!

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About Flippin' Kitchen Game

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Pixel Chix: Flippin' Kitchen is a fun game where you step into a virtual kitchen to whip up some yummy dishes. Inspired by the popular Cooking Mama series, Flippin' Kitchen transports you to a culinary haven where you get to create three delicious dishes: blueberry pancakes, veggie quesadillas, and chicken stir-fry!

Get ready to don your virtual chef's hat! Your job is to pick a recipe and cook it the best you can! But be quick and smart because there's a timer ticking down, and you want to earn lots of points.

How to Play

Your mouse is like your magic wand in the kitchen. With it, you can do many things, like mixing, cutting, and frying.

First, choose a dish you want to make. Maybe today you feel like pancakes or perhaps a quesadilla? Every dish has steps, like adding ingredients, mixing, and cooking. And guess what? There's a timer for every step. So, be quick! If the timer goes to 0, you won't earn points for that step.

When you've done all the steps for your dish, you'll see how many points you've got. The faster and better you cook, the more points you earn. Try different recipes and aim for a high score!

Let's break down the available dishes:


Step 1: Add Ingredients
- See what's in the Add box? Those are your ingredients. Grab them with your mouse and drop them into the bowl.
- Be snappy! Time's running out.
- Done? Click the "Next" button to stir things up!

Step 2: Stir it up
- Grab that mouse and start stirring your batter.
- Not too fast or too slow, okay? Check the stir meter to get it just right.
- Hint: Keep the meter in the green for perfect pancakes!
- All stirred up? Hit "Next," and let's cook!

Step 3: Fry!
- The cooking meter is your guide.
- See the word "Cool" when the meter's blue? That's flip time! And when it's red and says "Heat," flip again.
- Keep the pan's heat balanced.
- All done? Click "Next" and see your pancake score!


Step 1: Slice it up!
- Cheese and veggies are up! Use your mouse, find the pink X, and slice 'em up!
- Go, go, go! Don't let the timer beat you.
- Once you're done slicing, click "Next."

Step 2: Fry!
- The cooking meter is back! It'll tell you when to flip.
- Blue for "Cool," red for "Heat," and keep the heat just right.
- Flip done? Hit "Next".

Step 3: Slice it up!
- Avocado time! Find that pink X and slice away.
- Time's ticking, so be quick!
- Done? Click "Next" and see how your quesadilla did!


Step 1: Slice it up!
- Chicken and veggies need slicing. Find the pink X and go!
- Race against the clock, but slice safely.
- Done with slicing? Click "Next".

Step 2: Fry
- Remember our trusty cooking meter? It's here to help.
- Blue means "Cool," and red means "Heat." Flip your stir-fry right!
- See the soy sauce? Drag it into the pan for some extra flavor.
- All set? Click "Next" to check your stir-fry score!

Now, with these tasty recipes in hand, you're all set to dive into the "Pixel Chix: Flippin' Kitchen" game and cook up a storm! Enjoy the fun of cooking without the mess!

What else you should know

There's a fun twist in the game! Back in the day, you needed a secret code from the Pixel Chix TV toy to play this game. However, we managed to bring it back without a code, so everyone is welcome to the Pixel Chix kitchen party!

Want to score big? Make sure to practice! The more you cook, the better you'll get. And hey, watch out for those timers. They can be sneaky. 

Ready to show off your cooking skills? Dive into Pixel Chix: Flippin' Kitchen, and let's cook up a storm!