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Dive into the Pixel Chix Mini Golf game, where you can unlock exciting magical adventures with secret charm codes! Discover surprises at every turn.

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About Pixel Chix Mini Golf Game

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Hop into the enchanting universe of the Pixel Chix Mini Golf game! Remember the Pixel Chix toys from 2007 that turned into cute keychain lockets? They've inspired this digital mini-golf paradise filled with delightful surprises and fantastic challenges.

Following the original game idea, you could use the special codes from Pixel Chix Unlockets Charms to navigate exciting game courses and unlock even more gaming fun. The more codes you could gather, the more features you would unveil. Ready to discover them all?

How to Play

Playing mini-golf has never been this easy. Just click and drag your mouse away from the golf ball to aim and set the power. Want to make the shot? Let go of the mouse!

Every hole is a brand new challenge. Remember, you have a maximum of 10 strokes for each hole. Your objective? Get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. The amount of fun you can unlock is determined by the number of codes you possess:

- With 1 code, enjoy the first 4 holes.
- 2 codes? Unlock a mini-driving game.
- With 4 codes, access 9 holes and even design your own character!
- 5 codes get you a memory game challenge.
- For the gaming enthusiasts with 8 codes, unleash all 18 holes, indulge in a pinball mini-game, and compete against the computer or a friend.

Customize your Character

Once you've gathered 4 codes from Pixel Chix Unlockets Charms, you're in for a treat! Create your personalized Pixel Chix pal to represent you:

1. Choose your favorite Pixel Chix buddy.
2. Glam them up! Click through hairstyles, outfits, and accessories to style your character.
3. Create up to 3 unique characters. Pick one for yourself, one for your friend, and have an extra just for fun!

Game Options

Spice up your gaming experience with some special Pixel Chix codes:
- Want a sparkly golf ball? You've got it!
- Set the perfect ambiance with mood lighting.
- Need some quiet? Turn the game sound on or off.
- Change of plans? There's an option to end your game.

Remember, the sparkly ball and mood lighting are exclusive features unlocked with a unique Pixel Chix Unlockets Charm code.

Pixel Chix Powers

Elevate your gameplay with Pixel Chix Powers, unlocked by entering codes from Pixel Chix Unlockets packages:
- Retry: This lets you redo any stroke.
- Hamster: Widens the hole for easier aiming.
- Wing Ball: Lets your ball fly over pesky obstacles.
- Car: Drives your ball closer to its destination.
- Funnel: Sinks the hole, making it easier for the ball to fall into.

Secret Codes

While the Pixel Chix Unlockets Charms might not be available in shops now, we've got your back! We've discovered all the codes you'll ever need to unlock all the features in the game. Here they are:

Puppy Code: 💎 💖 💖 🎵 ⭕

Loft Code: ⭕ 💎 💎 ⭐ 💖

Cottage Code: 💖 ⭕ ⭐ 😊 🎵

Mansion Code: 🎵 ⭕ 😊 💖 ⭐

Mall Code: ⭐ ⭕ 💖 ⭕ ⭐

Babysitter Code: 😊 🎵 🎵 💖 💎

Car Code: 💖 ⭐ 💖 🎵 💎

Hamster Code: 💎 🎵 ⭐ 😊 🎵

Pixel Chix Mini Golf offers a blend of nostalgia, excitement, and countless adventures. With unique features at every turn, there's always something new to experience.

Ready to embark on this pixel-filled golf journey? Grab your virtual golf club and have fun!