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Try the Pixel Says game for a delightful memory challenge with Pixel Chix dolls and a playful dog! Ready to see what's the longest sequence you can recall?

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About Pixel Says Game

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Jump into a world of fun and colors with the Pixel Says game! You'll meet three Pixel Chix dolls and one playful dog in this dazzling game. They love to light up in fun patterns and invite you to play along!

Your goal is to show how good your memory is! Watch closely as the Pixel Chix and the dog light up in a special order. Can you remember and repeat it?

How to Play

Everything is straightforward: simply watch and click! Keep your eyes on the Pixel Chix and the dog, then click on them in the order they lit up.

At the start, the sequence might seem easy. Maybe the dog lights up, followed by one Pixel Chix. But here's the twist: as you move up in levels, the sequences become longer and trickier. After each successful round, they'll add one more to the sequence. So, while it starts simple, the challenge grows with each level! Will you be the one who can keep up?

There's no magic power to use in this game. The real magic is in your brain! How sharp is your memory? 

Want a tip? Keep your focus. As the sequences get longer, try to spot a pattern or rhythm. It might just be the trick to beating your high score!

With every level getting more complex, it will surely be a challenge for your brain. Ready to see how far you can go? Let's begin!