Monster Baby

Play the Pixel Chix: Monster Baby game for a whimsical dreamworld adventure! Navigate platforms, dodge cheeky obstacles, and outsmart a mischievous baby.

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About Monster Baby Game

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Join your Pixel Chix Pal in a new adventure with the Monster Baby game as she takes on the task of babysitting an adorable yet mischievous baby. But wait, there's a twist! Pixel Chix dozes off and suddenly finds herself in a dream where everything's topsy-turvy, and platforms abound.

It's up to you to help Pixel Chix navigate this dreamy landscape. Climb those platforms, dodge obstacles, and head to the very top to keep that cheeky baby in check!

How to Play

Let's begin with the controls. Here's all you should know:

- Arrow Keys: Move your Pixel Chix around

- Spacebar: Jump over obstacles

The dream world has multiple levels, each more exciting than the last. Your main goal is to reach the top where the baby is waiting, but be careful! The baby loves throwing stuff at you.

For example, in the Nightmare Nursery level, the baby tosses milk bottles your way. And guess what? There are even baby ghosts floating around! You have to jump and dodge to avoid these tricky traps. But don't worry too much. If you can find the magical Baby Powder power-up, you can blast away those obstacles.

But that's just the beginning! As you move through levels, the baby finds more things to throw at you. For instance, in the Crazy Kitchen stage, dishes come flying your way. And yes, there are still those sneaky baby ghosts. However, luck is on your side! You can blast the dishes and baby ghosts away if you find the special Dish Washer tool power-up.

What else you should know

Each level has a special Lever at the top. Once you reach it and touch it, congrats! You've completed that level and can move on to the next exciting challenge. Can you complete all 12 levels to become the Monster Baby champion?

To succeed, you have to strategize, think quick, and use those special power-ups wisely to successfully babysit in this dreamy world.

And here's a little secret: patience can sometimes be more rewarding than rushing.

Ready for the adventure? Let's show that baby who's boss! Start playing now, and let the dreamy adventure begin!